Capitol Begs for Guard Troops, Can’t Pay the Bill

The Capitol begged for Guard troops. Nancy Pelosi and others didn’t feel safe following the riot on January 6. It meant that there were nearly 26,000 National Guard troops deployed to provide security around Washington D.C. These troops provided security detail for the inauguration as well as for several months after.

The troops have to be paid. While they’ve been paid, National Guard, as a whole, has yet to be reimbursed for their costs.

How is it that Congress has yet to pay the bill for their security detail?

If the reimbursement doesn’t come soon, Guard leaders have identified that training will have to be eliminated in August and September as a way to recover from the financial setback.

Patrick Leahy, the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, seems to be a bit confused as to how the Guard is supposed to get paid. A $1.9 billion plan had been approved by House lawmakers earlier this year for campus security. Within that, there was $521 million to reimburse the Guard.

Yet, the Guard still hasn’t been reimbursed.

Now, Leahy is introducing a new bill. As a Democrat Senator out of Vermont, he has to make it expensive – and it’s a doozy weighing in at $3.7 billion. It would cover not only the $521 million for unexpected Guard costs but also money for security upgrades, bulking up the training for the Capitol Police, and sending emergency aid to Afghan refugees.

Wait a second, it seems as though the Democrats are trying to double-dip. $521 million has already been approved. Why is it being added to yet another plan? If the money has already been allocated, it seems that the only sensible thing is to send the money to the Guard.

There’s no reason to leave the National Guard hanging for the expense of protecting the Capitol.

Leahy explained on the Senate floor “A violent insurrection happened. A pandemic happened. And the president announced the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.” Everyone is aware of this. And money has already been earmarked to address each and every one of these things. There’s no reason for another bill – especially one valued at $3.7 billion.

A Republican out of Alabama, Richard Shelby, had offered a $633 million supplemental to ensure the Guard was reimbursed and some funding was provided to the Capitol Police. Yet, that wasn’t expensive enough for the Democrats. They want more money – and Republicans simply cannot support that kind of money. As Shelby explained, there’s no reason to hold funding for the National Guard hostage simply because the Democrats want to spend billions in other areas.

So, the National Guard sends their troops to protect the Capitol. Then, because of the greed of the Democrats, they don’t get reimbursed in time to take care of their training. As a result, there may be issues with military readiness because the training wasn’t provided.

Why is it that the National Guard has to be the one to suffer?

Well, that’s because House lawmakers have a Democratic majority. They like to spend money. They also like to feel well protected, which is why they want a reaction force of National Guard members who are there to respond to any future threats on Capitol Hill.

Wow, now that’s some gall. The Dems can’t even pay the National Guard, yet they insist on having members at their disposal for any future risks of safety.