Can’t Get a Gun? Wooden Daggers Work, Too, According to NYC Subway Riders

By Pavel Snezhnyi/
By Pavel Snezhnyi/

Ahh, the liberals love to warn us of allowing guns to be owned by just anyone. They’re dangerous, you know!

What the liberals forget is that anything can be turned into a weapon by someone who wants to be dangerous. For those who can’t get their hands on guns because of background check laws, mental health, or even cost, they can simply fashion a dagger out of a piece of wood.

And as subway riders in New York City learned, a wooden dagger can be just as scary as a gun when it’s being wielded by someone who isn’t quite right in the head.

A suspect on one of the NYC subways had two wooden daggers. They were fashioned to look like stakes…like what you would assume a vampire hunter would carry with him in the dead of night. Effective, too, considering they’re made to be able to pierce the heart of a blood-thirsty vampire.

This particular suspect was not a vampire hunter, though. And, he decided that these daggers would be effective when threatening to kill a 46-year-old woman.

Anyone holding a wooden dagger can be scary. And if they are able to get close enough, it can be just as deadly as a gun. After all, it only takes one really good lunge…just as it only takes one bullet.

Gun control only works if the criminals are going to abide by the laws. Since killing someone is already against the law, it seems to be a bit counter-intuitive. Perhaps they should focus on wooden dagger control instead. Oh, wait…maybe they should just work on reducing the number of criminals on the street. After all, it is the criminal and not the weapon that should be addressed…

The suspect in NYC was apparently directing “anti-white statements at the victim while threatening her life, according to NYPD. Their Hate Crime Task Force is not only investigating the incident but they’re also releasing an image of the suspect on Twitter. He is holding the make-shift dagger while another one juts out of his pocket.

So, they were able to get photos of the suspect. They were able to get a full story of what happened from the victim. But, they have been unable to get the suspect into custody. Why? Oh, well, NYC is a liberal city, and they are trying to make sure that people are actually criminals before they are arrested. So, whether the person has a gun, a dagger, or any other kind of weapon, they’re allowed to live their lives because to act in any other way would be considered racist…and the liberals of NYC are all about making sure that they don’t hurt anyone’s feelings…even if they are criminals who will stab someone when given the opportunity.

It’s really no surprise that NYC’s crime rates are climbing.

All of the reports of wooden daggers and stabbings are bad press for the liberals. After all, they want to pretend as though guns are the only weapons to be concerned with. It’s why a fatal stabbing of a Columbia University Ph.D. student in Morningside Park was basically left out of the front page news. The same suspect responsible for stabbing the student also stabbed a tourist. It took threatening a third person in Central Park before he was arrested.

Make no mistake. Anything can be a weapon. Guns don’t need to be eliminated. Nor do knives or even wooden stakes. We have to focus on the criminals themselves…and that means funding police departments, not defunding them.