Can Kids Really Decide When They’re Getting a Sex Change? Joe Biden Must Think So…Check This Out

When is the proper age for a young man or woman to reasonably determine how there’s been an obvious mistake? Samuel should have been Samantha, or, Samantha should have been Samuel. God’s allowed to mess up now and then.

President Joe Biden’s choice for Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine, is up for nomination by the Senate Health, Education, and Pensions Committee. However, with the amount of controversy surrounding Dr. Levine being placed in this powerful position, it’s difficult to say if her nomination will be accepted.

In the past, Dr. Levine has been a staunch advocate of what she refers to as sex changes for pre-pubertal people. In other words, kids. In her role at Penn State College as a professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, she has often lectured to her class, and audiences elsewhere, on the best methods of performing gender conversion therapy on children whose parents made the decision for them. “But we wanted a daughter.”

Levine figures if a kid knows, they know. Why wait? Get ‘er done. The Doctor believes that children should be given the right to decide which sex they would prefer growing up as. Levine tells parents to “try not to force them one way or other” and instead to follow the child’s lead.

During a lecture at Franklin & Marshall College in 2017, Levin said that “they (prepubertal children) might present in different ways. They might present at school in the gender they were identified at birth, or they might present as the other gender, or they might be more gender-fluid.”

Levine said that even as early as ages five or six, children know which sex they prefer to be. Here’s some free advice. A five-year-old boy playing with one of his older sister’s Barbie dolls does not mean there is a woman trapped inside of him screaming to be released.

To prevent a child from further blossoming into what they were born as Dr. Levine has recommended the use of puberty blockers for “young adolescents.” Nip that mistake in the bud. Next, come the cross-gender hormone injections which are where the real magic takes place.

As if not already disturbing enough, wait, there’s more. The practices just described are also used regularly at Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Levine’s role as Chief of the Division of Adolescent Medicine and Eating Disorders. She has used this practice on children who have expressed fear of going through puberty the natural way.

Levine, in keeping with a logical sequence of events, said that puberty-blockers should be administered at the first of its sprouting. Then, somewhere between the ages of 14 and 16, they should begin receiving a regiment of cross-gender hormones. Out with the old. In with the new.

But it isn’t until around age 18 that surgery should be performed, even though there’s no turning back by this point anyway. Like everything, Levine says there are exceptions to the rule. Surgery can be performed at a much younger age, but only if the patient is really, really, sure.

The entire sex-change process, according to Levine, can be rapidly accelerated in the cases of “street kids,” and any existing protocol doesn’t count. Doctors should go straight for the jugular with cross-gender hormones.

Levine said that since these kids don’t visit clinics to get things done properly they buy hormones off the street, which if not administered properly can prove to be dangerous.

You would be correct by considering this to be the exploitation of disadvantaged children by performing experimental medical practices generally reserved for guinea pigs and monkeys. It would be difficult to find any medical ethicist who would condone this action.

Welcome to Biden-World. Old Joe is probably not aware of any of this. He drew names from a hat. With a little hope and sensibility perhaps Levine’s nomination won’t go through, but at this juncture, all hope may already be lost.