Can It Be Any Clearer! China’s Communist Party Censors Pence During Debate but Plays When China Puppet Harris Speaks

The vice presidential debate was supposed to provide many of us with an opportunity to hear more about Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. The Communists of China were not willing to offer the same chance to their citizens. As per their usual, they were ready to censor any message that they did not agree with.

They are not willing to allow their citizens to think for themselves and this story is all of the proof that we need. The Chinese can act like they have made all sorts of advances if they want to but we know the actual truth. They cannot hide behind the lies that mainstream media outlets are readily willing to believe for much longer.

Mike Pence was talking but then as if by magic, his signal was lost. He was not allowed to continue speaking if you live in China. By the time the signal came back on? Kamala Harris was the one who was speaking. It’s so funny how that seems to work. Pence is hard on China, just like the current president. Harris, on the other hand, would allow them to walk all over her.

Let’s face the facts here. Biden and Harris are the Chinese’s best friends. They are anxiously awaiting the results of the election so that they can see if they will be able to return to the American normalcy that they were clearly enjoying. The Chinese have already offered their endorsement of a Joe Biden presidency and it is easy to see why.

He’s a human doormat who is not going to be willing to offer any kind of assistance when they start to resume their normal bullying. Biden is a peacemaker by nature, a moderate at heart. This sleepy old man is not the type to push back against these types of concerns. He hides under the bed and hopes for it all to go away.

Harris pretends to be a more confrontational sort but she’s another moderate waiting to happen. She’s been working tirelessly to make sure that people forget her attorney general past. It’s hard to be a leftist when you have those kinds of skeletons dancing around in your closet. Her selection was Biden’s way of sending off the flares to anyone who was worried that his presidency might become too lefty leaning.

“Don’t worry, guys, I picked a cop,” is what Biden basically said at the time. SVNewsAlerts provided a closer look at the Chinese censorship for anyone who did not believe the news stories about the matter. We’re just kidding about the news stories. Everyone knows darn good and well that the American mainstream media is never going to report any story that might anger their precious China.

“BREAKING: Chinese censor Mike Pence’s comments regarding China and resume broadcasting as Kamala Harris starts talking,” read the tweet from SVNewsAlerts. The Chinese know which party has their back and they were quick to let the world know. Why would anyone ever stop to consider all of this, though? There’s an election to win and no one cares about the facts anymore.

The signal may have been cut off during this debate for the Chinese but we have received their signal loud and clear! Any American who does not want to see their country continuously sold out to the Chinese will have to make the right decisions when it comes time to head to the polling booth. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

The people are being deprived of free speech. What happened to all of the liberals who pretend to care about these types of things on social media? They should be taking up this cause with all of the other ones but they have yet to do so. Those of us who actually pay attention to the news (even when it does not concern us directly) are all alone when it comes to caring about this one.