Can a Radical Group Actually Get a Bill Passed?

Radicals are slowly learning. They’re learning that it’s not possible to just march and protest without actually being a part of the legislative process. So, they’ve teamed up with the Squad of freshmen congresswomen to try to get a bill passed.

Although radicals may be loud, they’re still not the majority. This is where they haven’t realized that they are powerless. They can be as loud as they want to be – they’re still not the majority. They may pretend that they are, but even within the Democratic Party, there are still more moderates than radicals – and we’re very grateful for that.

The Black Lives Matter group has big plans for the Biden administration. They’ve been making demands and have even requested a meeting with Biden and Harris to discuss some of the political actions they want to be taken.

Starting in October, they launched a political action committee. They’ve got more money and more ideas than they know what to do with.

They’ve already decided that it was their vote that got Biden into office. Now, they’re determined to get the votes for the Senate in their favor in Georgia.

What next? Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of BLM, has said that the ballot is one of their most essential tools within the movement. Well, so they’ve figured out that they need to get votes in order to see any real action.

The problem is that BLM is a radical group that wants to go against many of the constitutional rights that we have. They want to abandon the nuclear family and they want to defund the police.

Black Lives Matter wants to change the criminal justice system all because of a few bad cops. It’s not the way that things work. Further, there are more Democrats becoming angry with the movement – they blame BLM for losing seats in the house because of the whole “defund the police” cries.

As Bobby Rush, an Illinois Representative and former Black Panther has said, “Can Black Lives Matter get a bill passed in the House of Representatives? No, I don’t think so.”

Getting a bill passed is not the same as being able to organize a march or set up a protest. It requires a majority to vote in favor of the bill. The bipartisan relationship is an important thing to remember in such situations. BLM may be loud but they aren’t the majority – and they’re simply too radical to ever get the majority.

That doesn’t mean that they’re going to give up, though.

The BREATHE Act is one of the ways that BLM has tried to get legislation on their side. This four-part proposal was backed by Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib, two of the infamous Squad members in the House. The act would mitigate police violence by not only investing in black communities but also by divesting from law enforcement.

Although the Act was backed to make it into the House, it failed to make it onto the DNC platform. Even though the House has a majority of Dems, too many are moderate – and they want to stay far away from anything that would give the BLM movement any kind of traction.

Karen Bass, the Congressional Black Caucus Chair, attempted another bill – The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. It was a bipartisan bill that would end qualified immunity in civil rights suits. Although it passed in the House, it’s unlikely to pass in the Senate.

BLM will continue to try. They’ve figured out that they need to be on the ballots. They’ve figured out that they need Democrats in high positions to get on board with their rationale. However, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever get their bills passed because it requires the majority. It’s hard to get a majority on board when their ideas are too radical and go against too many of the norms that America is based on.