Buttigieg Blaming Shortages on Global COVID Issues

By Andrew Cline shutterstock.com
By Andrew Cline shutterstock.com

As opposed to looking at the country and its supply system issues for what they are, Pete Buttigieg seems to think that looking at it with an idea of blaming everyone else is the right answer. While we have containers overflowing storage yards, ships waiting to come into port, and a lack of truck drivers to refill empty shelves, he wants to blame overseas manufacturing for the problems.

While on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ Wednesday, he predicted shortages to continue as long as there is COVID in other places. “Well, look, we’re seeing goods move through our system and reach shelves at record levels. The issue, again, is that demand is so high, retail sales going really off the charts high, that our systems are just straining to keep up.” He is right about one thing; demand is up.

Well, Pete, what did you expect? Your buddy Biden kept people locked down for far too long, many are just getting back to work, returning to an office they didn’t see for a year and relocating when their jobs became permanently remote. This means new decorations, household supplies, and stocking the pantry. After the initial glut of the pandemic, people woke up and learned the importance of having a well-stocked reserve of supplies.

He also went on to explain how he sees this as a foreign problem, not an American problem. “Because we’ve already got a brittle system that has been under-invested in for decades and things happening around the world. I mean, if a shoe factory closes in Vietnam in September for a COVID outbreak, you’re going to see the effect of that at the mall in December or January.” Glad to see he figured out how the economy works.

Yet this ‘brittle system’ was not brittle before people started losing faith in their employers. When truckers were forced to run well beyond their mandated hours to supply the country as essential workers, many left. When we’ve had riots in cities (many of which are port cites) drivers had to balance risk vs reward, and their personal safety will win every time; as it should. When the people are being forced to choose between waiting out a lockdown to get back on the road against taking a job that has them home every night, many chose to spend more time home.

His ideas of fixing things have been like spaghetti thrown at the wall. He just sees what sticks and goes from there. Appointed to a position he has no clue about, Buttigieg isn’t even treading water anymore. He is drowning in desperation, and that panic is making him go even lower as time continues. His lack of ideas for how to improve the situation is the most disappointing.

Given the amount of money the Democrats have blown through to provide extra income for the people who have children, perhaps he should be requesting an allocation of funds for truck drivers. Schooling incentives to get people into truck driving school also may be a brilliant idea. While many truck companies have historically offered school reimbursement, it still is putting people out of pocket to get this training, all in the hopes that a company will follow through.

With the already abysmal mileage rates, delays in picking up new loads, the time spent away from family, and special days missed, people need to either be in dire straits, have little to no family, or truly love the road to move into such an occupation. By treating them with the respect they deserve and paying them properly, more may move into the industry. If we want to get this problem resolved, more truckers to move the goods, lower fuel prices, and more port workers are how we get this done. Wonder how many Biden loves are missing Trump now?