Brit Hume Questions Biden’s Mental State

Over the last few years, there has been no question that Fox News doesn’t precisely follow the norms, at least in politics.

While outlets like NBC, CNN, and even CBS have time and time again seemed to side with the political left and the Democratic Party, Fox hasn’t been nearly so consistent. Sure, on occasion, they’ve caved gone against the typical conservative viewpoint. But, for the most part, the network as a whole is one of the few still watched and respected by Republican Americans.

For Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume, the same cannot be said.

If you know much of anything about Hume, it’s that he’s rather straightforward, stating the facts above anything else, no matter who it offends. He’s been known to take on both the right and left with his bull-headed rationality and is about as straitlaced as they come.

In fact, many would likely call him one of the last good commentators or journalists in this day and age, as nearly everyone else seems to be bought and paid for by one political side of the fence or the other.

So what is his famous logic saying now?

Well, to put it quite simply, it’s that Biden’s mind is on the fritz and likely drawing many to become increasingly concerned about the well-being of our nation.

As is typical, Hume recently appeared on the network speaking to host Bret Baier of recent pollings throughout the country, many of which show that America has become more and more pessimistic as of late, particularly about how the future of our country is looking.

Hume made no bones about saying that this is likely a direct result of who is in the White House and how he is being perceived. And at the heart of that perception is that Biden has been “showing signs of senility.”

In response to this, Baier brought up a few of Biden’s most recent gaffes, in which the sitting president seemed to become instantly angry at reporters and snapping at them for no apparent reason, such as he did while in the Rose Garden for a press conference nearly shouting about Republicans thinking “we’re sucking the blood out of kids.”

Not only was the sudden anger entirely uncalled for, but the words he said also didn’t really make any sense.

And yet, as Baier points out, the media present and afterward did little to question the outburst or the nearly incoherent responses given at a recent town hall event.

“The media didn’t make a big deal out of them, but made you scratch your head.”

And Hume says that is precisely what most of America seems to be doing regarding Biden, especially after seeing some of his more “dramatic” instances of brain failure, in which Biden appears unable to form a complete sentence or thought.

He states, “(T)he man had obviously lost his train of thought and couldn’t recover it, and stammered around for a little while. These are signs of senility, which is a common thing in elderly people, and Biden, like me, is certainly elderly.”

And apparently, people are finding those elderly moments to be somewhat “alarming.”

Hume says that with all that’s going on in the nation right now, the questionable elections, the civil rights movements, the pandemic, etc., the last thing people need is a president who can’t seem to get a handle on his own mind.

“At a time when their worries are increasing and the polling is showing that pessimism in the country is increasing, they see the president of the United States losing his train of thought and unable to blurt out a coherent answer to a question. I think people find it disturbing and it makes them wonder about the future.”

As well, it should.

I mean, this is supposed to be the most powerful man in not only America but also the world. This is the guy we gave our nuclear launch codes to, the guy who has the power to veto a legislative body of over 500 people and who alone is seen as the leader of the free world.

And yet, Biden has forgotten where he was on numerous occasions, got his sister and his wife mixed up, has sudden bouts of rage, and frequently can’t form a sentence or complete thought to save his life.

We should be concerned and alarmed. So should the media. But it seems Brit Hume is about the only one left with a shred of reason left.