Border Crisis? Nah, Let’s Get Cake

President Biden has acknowledged that the migrant issue at the southern border is out of control. To ensure that the flow of migrants slowed, he placed his VP in charge of addressing it all.

The problem is that Kamala Harris is one of the left-wing socialists who would love nothing more than to have open borders. It’s why she didn’t win the presidential primaries – no one wanted someone quite that liberal to run the country.

Harris doesn’t see the issue as a crisis. In fact, she’s content to let the borders open all the way up. More people entering the country means more people needing money. If the economy can collapse, it’s a chance to make more people turn to the government.

That’s when the shift to socialism starts.

Harris isn’t even bothering to pretend as though she’s going to do anything about the problem.

Countless Republican Senators have visited the border to see the issues with their own eyes. They have reported hearing the cartel making threats across the river. They’ve seen the caravans of people entering the U.S. And, they’ve seen the overcrowding at the detention centers.

To see it all is to get a true understanding of the problem.

Perhaps the most terrifying aspect is that the border patrol agents are so overwhelmed that they’re releasing these migrants into the U.S. Some are meeting up with families while others are being sent to hotels – all at the expense of the United States.

Many being released aren’t given court dates. They’re simply being given the benefit of the doubt that they’ll contact an immigration office to obtain a date at some point.

We’ve lost control. We don’t know how many migrants are in the country. We don’t know who they are. And we certainly don’t know their criminal or medical backgrounds. There’s no telling what kind of mess we’re in for.

Yet, Kamala Harris hasn’t bothered to visit the border. Why should she? Everything is going according to plan. She’s getting the influx of migrants as she and the other left-wing liberals have wanted all along.

That’s not to say that Kamala Harris isn’t traveling. She visited Chicago to promote COVID-19 vaccine shots instead of dealing with the border crisis as tasked by the president.

Is she at least on the phone with Central American leaders? No. She’s standing on line at Brown Sugar Bakery in Chicago to get herself a slice of cake.

When the media found out about the bakery visit, they had questions for Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary. “Like many Americans, she got a snack, I think she’s allowed to do that.”

Maybe so, but it seems like Harris is more concerned with eating cake than dealing with the border crisis.

The only thing Psaki could provide was sarcasm and that she’s more focused on handling the “root causes” of migration.

Is it possible that Kamala Harris is actually this naive? Is she not aware of what the root causes really are? Every American already knows what they are. Biden reversed important legislation that was put into place by Donald Trump. The liberals have made it look extremely enticing to enter America, complete with various amnesty deals.

Biden even stood at a podium and promised a pathway to citizenship for those who were in the country by January 1.

How is it that Kamala Harris can actually say that she doesn’t know what the root causes of migration really are?

Psaki has confirmed what everyone else has already assumed by now: Harris will be focusing more on the root causes than on the crisis itself. What this really means is that tens of thousands more could enter the country without Harris doing anything.

Oh, and there are no trips planned for either Biden or Harris. Perhaps they’ll both sit around eating cake while they watch the situation get worse.