BLM Complains: It’s All Empty Gestures

Murals. Signs. Protests. Destruction of statues that were deemed “racist.” The liberals have been bending over backward to figure out how to appease Black Lives Matter. If they were expecting to hear a ‘thank you’ for all of that, they will be waiting a long time.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t know what they want. They want to complain that the country isn’t up to their liking. They want to say that they’re goal is to put an end to police brutality, but their goals are a bit more complicated.

BLM wants to destroy the country. They don’t like the United States. They don’t like the history and they don’t like the present. They have big plans for our future. The problem is that the entire country isn’t racing to appease them.

All that has been done to show that black lives do, in fact, matter, is not enough. Activists say that the murals and other things are “empty gestures.”

The activists don’t think that people will see murals (some that span several city blocks) and be able to open dialogue. It won’t shed light onto their cause. It won’t make a difference.

The activists and protesters behind BLM want more. They are demanding more. They want to see radical changes being made – including defunding police departments around the country.

What they’re getting, instead, are a bunch of liberals who don’t know how to make change happen. They’re getting signs and banners and murals being painted. They’re not getting the radical changes happening in the government – and that’s because there are still enough people in power with a brain to put a halt to all of the madness.

BLM is upset that their demands aren’t being met. They’re quickly learning that their violence doesn’t give them a ticket to write whatever rules they want. They’re acting as though they have the country as a hostage and have made a list of demands that need to be met before the country is released. Clearly, they haven’t watched enough movies to see how it ends for the bad guys. Spoiler alert: the good guys win. The bad guys go to jail. The hostages are released.

The BLM protesters don’t want lawmakers to order meaningless words to be painted on a city block. Instead, they want to see policies being enacted to protect Black lives.

Delilah Pierre, the organizer with the Tallahassee Community Action Committee, has said that BLM does not want to see symbolic recognition. Instead, she’s saying that “We’re asking for that to be something that’s in practice. We’re asking for real systemic change to the system that oppresses and marginalizes black people.”

Sure, sure. The problem is that BLM is too violent. If they want systemic change, they have to go about it using the right channels. Trump has deemed BLM as a hate group because of the amount of violence they use.

There have been countless Black people across the country to denounce BLM. BLM does not speak for every black person in the United States. If BLM wants to see systemic change, perhaps they should run for office. Perhaps they should educate people to vote. Perhaps they should look at how politics actually works instead of acting like a criminal trying to rob a bank and making demands like rabid hostage takers.

Policy changes don’t happen overnight. Even if the legislators wanted to do something to appease Black Lives Matter, they couldn’t. It’s not the way the government works. It would require a bill to be written – preferably one with bipartisan support. Then, it has to work its way through both the House and the Senate.

How do the BLM protesters not realize this?

The United States is still a democracy – that means that the majority rules. BLM doesn’t have the power that it thinks it does – and there are groups of every color to remind them that there are still plenty of people who want to continue to fund the police. Empty gestures are all they’re going to get until they want to get political instead of violent.