BLM Attacks Their Own for a Measly Cheeseburger

Democrats all over the country are in a state of shock as their beloved Black Lives Matter group falls apart. The agenda that they had a few years ago has fallen into a state of despair as the leaders have resorted to greedy exploits and socialist demands. Their poison is felt by everyone that has been victimized by the terrorist gang roaming American cities today.

Their chants of social justice and change are falling on deaf ears as their actions no longer match their beliefs. The group wants to save lives by calling on law enforcement to change the way they handle critical cases. But their actions defy the very message they cry out about as they attack and murder people of their color.

The latest attack by BLM was at a McDonalds in Pittsburgh, PA. It was here that a rather large group of protestors marched through the doors and hijacked the building. The group assaulted the place and took everyone inside hostage. One man with a megaphone turned it all the way up and tried to damage the hearing of every person in the place.

In many places, assault takes on a variety of forms. It does not have to be from punches and violent encounters. The poison that BLM spewed through the megaphone hurt their hostages in ways that cannot be spoken. Their actions are not peaceful. They are criminals.

BLM can no longer show their pathetic faces in public. They have to march into buildings that are open late at night to get their contradicting point across. They cry that they do not want to be harassed while at the same time doing it to others that have nothing to do with the reason why they are marching around the city in the first place.

When the manager came to the group and confronted them, one of the BLM terrorists attacked the manager. If black lives truly mattered to the group, they would have listened to him. They would have left and gone somewhere else. But instead, the manager had to hold his own until the battle was over.

No one was going to take over this restaurant without a fight. BLM finally moved on, but the scaring damage was already done. There is no reason why this kind of behavior needs to be tolerated. But when the laws of liberal cities favor the criminal, this is the behavior that one can expect to see after dark.

In the United States of America, it is not legally accepted as a protest once a march enters a business’s private home. Once a person puts their hands on another to assault them, it is no longer legal. Their actions that night were criminal, and everyone should be arrested and placed in prison.

BLM seems to have free reign in liberal cities because the hateful Democrats have defunded the police. They have crippled them to the point that they cannot respond to the increased activity of violence in these cities. One thing is for sure, and that is the upcoming election is going to go very badly for a lot of demonized Democrats.

BLM marches tell the world that they genuinely do not care about black lives. All they care about is the next store they can loot. Their speeches are nothing more than planted Democratic-backed words of hatred against freedom and free enterprise.

Nothing has changed since Black Lives Matter was first founded. They have only made a tense situation worse. They have forgotten what their predecessor before they have said and done on their behalf. They have forgotten that people like Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for social changes years earlier, and he was successful.

BLM members believe change is necessary because they have fallen for the lies of the Democrats that push racism and division. They have believed the lie that they deserve free handouts. They have fallen for the lies that people like President Trump refuses to help them. But the truth is that the president has paved the way for people to make their lives mean something if they are willing to work for it.