BK Killer Demands ‘Reparations’ Despite Not Being a Citizen


It seems as if each and every year we get further and further off base here in America. The people stealing oxygen that walk the planet just grow year by year in population, and we don’t have enough smart people to balance them out. While often these mouth breathers are likened to ‘Florida Man’ in the mainstream media, we have seen in the last two years that their people might be the sanest of all with Ron DeSantis as Governor.

By contrast, the socialist control that is permeating the Democrats is running rampant in New York, and especially in NYC under the guidance of their Governor Kathy Hochul. Their overbearing rules and lax laws are how people like 30-year-old Winston Glenn feel emboldened enough to gun down a 19-year-old Kristal Bayron-Nieves. She was working at an East Harlem, NY Burger King when he decided to take her life over $100.

This grown man walked into a BK he had previously worked at, at 1 am, waving his gun around and demanding cash. He pistol-whipped one customer, a 60-year old manager, and then shot Kristal at close range before making off with $100 in cash; despite her complying with his demands.

Shootings like this feed right into the Democrat narrative. We have an illegal alien gunning somebody down over what amounts to change in the grand scheme of things, who feels like he has been oppressed in a country he is in illegally and feels he’s due something for his efforts. This would be every single Democrat theory all rolled into one if it turns out he was born as a ‘she’. For now, he just remains their poster child for how America makes problems for everyone, at least in their eyes.

Now that this illegal immigrant has been arrested, he made his stance known very well as he was being led into a police cruiser outside an East Harlem police station. Proclaiming out “Where’s [sic] our reparations for four hundred years of f**king slavery? F**k you all! America is gonna burn!” amongst other nonsensical statements as he was being put into the car.

As he was being led away the crowd that had gathered let their feelings of anger and hurt over the death of this Puerto Rican woman be very well known to Glenn. This man did not care and let his racial tirades fly. His final phrasing as he was being forced into the vehicle was just as shocking as anything else he had said. “Do you wanna start a war between Latinos and n*****s?! Do you wanna start a war?”

For decades people have worried about the possibility of racially motivated conflicts happening here in the US. With how much fuel the Democrats throw on the fires of hatred, it would not be a shocker to see his words come true. While it would be a situation nobody is looking to have happened, it is one we as a country do not need happening now or ever.

For now, we will get to watch as the Democrats trip over themselves to make excuses for his actions and to explain his statements. Given the make-up of Democratic politicians that represent New York as a state, and then the numerous city representatives, it’s a wonder they don’t have a revolving door of people to take press photos with him, and show their support.

Then again, he was also arrested and charged multiple times over the past few years. With the current DA making it nearly impossible to keep somebody in jail, it’s no wonder Glenn was out and able to commit this crime. As long as the Democrats keep pushing these ‘woke’ policies to make it easier to get off with little to no punishment, there will be no end to the stupidity and carelessness we see from people.