Biden’s Wrecked Economy Makes This the Most Pathetic “Hot” Gift of the Year

By tommaso79/
By tommaso79/

Each and every Christmas season, there seems to be a few items that nearly everyone, or at least the most childlike of us, are clamoring for.

In 1971, it was an Etch a Sketch, in 1977, Stretch Armstrong, in 1988 and 1989, it was all about Ghostbusters games and figurine sets. As time and technology have progressed, the “hottest” items under the tree have become a bit more electronic in nature, with most of the early 2000s all the way up to today focusing on gaming systems like the Nintendo Wii in 2006 or video games like The Sims 4 in 2014. In 2020, things like the Xbox X and Apple AirPods seemed to top everyone’s list.

But this year, the most popular Christmas gifts aren’t those that take up a bunch of space under the tree or are even wrapped. Instead, they will be tucked away in cards or stuck into stockings.

Enter the all too impersonal gift card.

Now, as you can imagine, this gift isn’t likely on the top of too many Christmas wish lists, and certainly not for a child who imagines mounds of gifts just waiting to be torn into early on Christmas morning. However, it is the one being given out the most.


Well, to answer that, we give you just two words: President Biden.

As you well know, this year has been particularly troublesome. While the riots of last summer and the immediate fears of the unknown COVID-19 pandemic have waned some, we are still facing unprecedented times. COVID still remains a threat, illegals are completely overrunning our border, and there’s a supply chain crisis the likes of which few have ever seen in our history.

And all these play a heavy hand in the state of our quickly draining economy.

Thanks to Biden’s policies regarding the oil industry, pump, and natural gas prices are higher than ever. In addition, his insistence on masks and now mandates have left kids out of school and parents out of work for months, if not years on end. And the COVID “benefits” he insists on still making available have created an entire generation of people unwilling to work or contribute to society.

As a result, our shipping yards are completely backed up, our warehouses a bottleneck of goods, and our store shelves are becoming emptier by the day.

And all of that has made consumer prices and inflation only rise.

For Thanksgiving, Americans already spent about a quarter more for their holiday than they did last year, and the price of your Christmas ham or roast beef is likely to be even higher.

As Bloomberg News reported, this means that fewer and fewer citizens will 1) have the funds to buy the gifts they want to get or 2) be able to find them available anywhere. And so it has been estimated that some 40 percent of all gifts given this year will be in the form of gift cards.

As RNC Research tweeted out recently, “Amid Biden’s rising prices and supply chain crisis, customers face shallower discounts and many are ‘opting for gift cards’ due to the supply chain crisis.”

At least this way, they can offer some sort of options to their loved ones, you know, when this whole supply chain and inflation crisis are gone.

Now, to be clear, a gift card is certainly more appreciated than a stocking of coal. And to some, such as my rather particular husband, it might even be preferred to something bought in the wrong size or just not exactly what they were looking for.

But the whole concept of giving a gift card is still only slightly better than throwing a $20 bill in a card.

And for a child waiting expectantly for personal gifts that show them how much they are appreciated and loved, a gift card just quite doesn’t do the trick… On top of Biden and his cronies taking away their ability to be in school, to play outside with their friends, now, even their Christmas hopes have been dashed too.

At this point, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Biden is even worse than the Grinch…