Biden’s State Department is Forced to Turn on Hunter


We all know that Hunter Biden has had some rather sketchy dealings with foreign businesses, most notably in Ukraine and China. But up until now, there hasn’t been a lot of information available on either those dealings or any possible others, thanks in large part to a state department currently being led by Hunter’s very incapable father, Joe Biden.

I say now, however, because as of April, that very same secretive Department of State is being forced to begin handing over any and all information they have on the president’s less than honest or trustworthy son.

And it’s all thanks to a liberal journalist if you can believe it.

Kenneth Vogel may be a registered Democrat. Hell, he might have even voted for Biden. But one thing is for certain, unlike most of his colleagues at The New York Times, he is also very interested in the truth. Now, to be clear, he might take these truths and turn them into a way to still uphold his party of choice. But the fact remains that he is making it possible for the truth to be outed.

So just what is he searching for?

Well, according to Business Insider, Vogel filed a number of Freedom of Information Act requests with the State Department. One asked for copies of any and all correspondence that even “mentioned” Hunter Biden between August 2015 and December 2019 among officials at the US embassy in Romania.

Yes, in Romania.

It has been rumored that among Hunter’s business relations in China and Ukraine, Romania is another country he partnered with, likely for ill-gotten gains.

However, upon asking for such information, he was informed by the State Department that if they had any information on that subject, it would not be released until at least April of 2023 for some reason.

Naturally, Vogel didn’t see this as fair or legal. And so, he immediately filed a FOIA lawsuit against the Department in January.

A court hearing was scheduled for March 17. But as of Friday, March 11, a court motion was filed on the case by the Times’ attorney David McGraw acknowledging that the Department had come to their senses and agreed to begin handing over the requested records starting next month.

As McGraw wrote in a letter to the presiding judge, “The State Department has started identifying records responsive to The Times’s FOIA requests. It has agreed to begin processing records for production as it continues to identify the remaining responsive records.”

The Department said it would update the court on its progress on March 25 and then release the information as requested by the beginning of April.

You might presume that once Vogel gets his hands on these copies, he’ll then begin putting together a piece on the never-ending corruption of Hunter Biden and even possibly his father, Joe Biden. And you might be right.

After all, the ship of Hunter’s innocence and honor has long sailed, and his father’s constant willingness to bail him out and even be found privy to his malfeasance isn’t exactly a good look for the Democratic Party.

However, it’s also very likely that Vogel will turn this a bit to his advantage.

Why do I think that? Well, it has to do with the other FOIA requests he made. In addition to information on Hunter, the journalist also asked for all records mentioning Tony Bobulinski, former FBI Director Louis Freeh, and former NCY mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

As you may know, Bobulinski is a former associate in crime with Hunter, which was revealed when Hunter’s laptop and its nefarious emails were found and released. Bobulinski was also the man who confirmed that now-President Joe Biden was also involved in Hunter’s business dealings.

Similarly, Freeh is a known Biden family friend and one who noted he would be “delighted to do future work” with the Biden family for some “very good and profitable matters.”

While on the opposite side of the political spectrum, Giuliani is the man many believe in starting the whole Hunter Biden accusations, as then-President Donald Trump tasked him to begin digging into the Biden family business, including their illicit Ukrainian and Chinese deals. But as Vogel once wrote, Giuliani is not free of sin himself.

While information soon to be released may bring down those like Hunter and possibly even our dementia-ridden president, Vogel could make sure that those like Giuliani and Trump go down with the sinking ship.

Only time will tell at this point.