Biden’s Spent How Much on Stopping the Wall?

As you know all too well, Democratic President Joe Biden decided to stop construction of the much-debated border wall on his very first day in office. According to him and his staff, the administration would be conducting a 60-day “study” of the wall to decide if it should be continued or not. Clearly, it’s been much longer than 60 days now, and still, no word about the administration’s decision has been made.

But that’s not even the worst of it.

As a Senate subcommittee on Government Operations and Border Management recently found and explained, the Biden administration has actually been using taxpayer dollars to ensure that the wall is not built while still holding out on making an official finding on the supposed study. And when I say taxpayer dollars are being spent, I’m not talking about a couple hundred a month.

According to the subcommittee’s report, a whopping $2 billion has already been spent on the “project.”

“President Biden’s efforts to suspend or terminate border wall construction have cost taxpayers between $1.834 billion and $2.087 billion since January 20, 2021. This amount continues to increase by at least $3 million per day.”

As the subcommittee’s report explains, that $3 million per day is going to contractors who are literally being paid to babysit the already purchased materials to build the wall that currently sits rotting in the desert sun.

So Biden doesn’t want the wall built and is stalling as long as he can, so it won’t be. But he’s also not about to let all those building materials be had by anyone else – apparently, no matter the cost to taxpayers.

Now, this might be somewhat acceptable if the findings of the supposed study on the wall were to be released and make some sort of excuse that might make the guarding of these materials worth the $3 million per day.

However, as Oklahoma Senator James Lankford, the ranking Republican on the subcommittee, says, that’s yet to have happened.

He tweeted out last week, “It’s been 180 days since Biden halted border wall construction to ‘study’ the wall. The report was due 120 days ago & no one has seen it. @JoeBiden, where is your report? It’s time to put Americans first. Stop wasting tax dollars and finish the wall.”

Lankford makes an excellent point. While Biden is busy spending our hard-earned money like it’s going out of style, Americans all across the southern border are being negatively impacted by a lack of concern for immigration issues.

As sector chief Agent Brian Hastings of the Rio Grande Valley border sector reported on Sunday, this past weekend alone saw over 20,000 illegal immigrants apprehended. That’s just this weekend, just in his assigned sector, just the ones that were caught.

Add that to the thousands more from all other sectors, and it’s not hard to believe that this year is hitting 20-year record highs when it comes to migrant crossings and apprehensions.

And yet, Biden doesn’t seem at all interested in stopping this, nor the insane amount of carnage that these thousands leave in their path, including property damage, stolen vehicles, and destruction of livestock and crops. In fact, Biden’s paying contractors a whopping $3 million a day to sit on their ass watching rotting building materials in the sun so that these illegal crossings can continue.

If Biden really wanted to help the American people, he’d let the wall be finished. In areas where it’s already up and enforced, it has cut illegal crossings down significantly. Besides, it’s already paid for. So all Biden has to do is say the word. But, of course, that would mean admitting that he was wrong…

In the meantime, there are literal miles of borderlands without so much as a picket or chain link fence to mark the beginning of America from Mexico, allowing illegal migrants to simply walk across whenever they want. And rather than do anything to stem that flow and use the materials Trump already provided, Biden is still going out of his way, no matter how detrimental to all of us, to undo every single step his predecessor took.

No wonder he’s losing popularity at record rates.