Biden’s Reality Check Pushes Him Over the Edge as Gas Shortage Sets In

Joe Biden made it very clear that he hates pipelines. He hates that they cross throughout the United States, delivering the very fuel that he is fighting to get rid of. The Democratic Party is trying to hurt the natural resource industry by regulating it to death and stopping all new construction efforts. He has hurt the industry, but he has also destroyed those that relied on the work provided by the jobs that were created.

And now that there is a state of emergency being called in several states, he is scrambling to come up with a way to get things back to normal while at the same time keeping the shutdown of the pipeline. Millions of people are suffering because Biden does not have a plan to work through this emergency crisis.

Donald Trump would have already enlisted the services of the private sector to start trucking gas into the affected areas. He would have already visited the area and placed an action plan that would have shown people that he does care. But Biden has shown that he does not have a plan because he does not care about people.

The states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia are taking the steps for Biden to get things back to normal. One report has shown that declaring a state of emergency is “allowing state governments to activate the National Guard as needed, and helps streamline cooperation between state and local officials.”

Biden’s snail-like reaction to the emergency is indicative of his demeanor. He cannot react fast enough to keep things from shutting down. Millions of people will end up stranded and not get to and from their jobs because there is no gas for their cars.

Ron DeSantis was quick to point out Biden’s lazy approach to the matter. He stated that “This pipeline actually doesn’t touch Florida, but it does feed into many of our gas stations. So we declared a state of emergency. We’re lifting restrictions to be able to get more fuel in the pumps.”

Joe Biden shrugged his shoulders as if to say the federal government is going to stay out of the matter. That thought is hypocritical because he has already meddled in the private sector by shutting down new pipeline construction.

DeSantis pointed out that The Biden administration needs to take this seriously. Their initial response is, ‘Oh, this is a private pipeline,’ and just shrug their shoulders. This is essential infrastructure for our country, and it could impact our economy greatly if they don’t respond.”

Biden has systematically opened the United States up to these kinds of attacks on the interior infrastructure of the country. North Carolina is going to feel the bulk of the attack. Nearly 15 percent of the gas comes through the pipeline. They already have long lines and stations shutting their doors because they do not have the gas needed to sell to the public.

Brian Kemp is the governor of Georgia. He stated that Today I signed an executive order suspending the gas tax in Georgia to help with higher prices due to the Colonial cyber attack.” The Republicans take action while old Joe Biden sits in his rocker, acting like there is nothing wrong.

Kemp stated that “We are working closely with Colonial and expect for them to recover by the end of the week.” The southeast part of the country is feeling the slowness of Joe Biden.

Another report came out and noted that “The Biden administration is scrambling to ease the gasoline crunch that is causing scattered shortages and fears of price spikes in parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast — one of the most economically and politically worrisome consequences of the cyberattack that shuttered one of the nation’s biggest fuel pipelines.”

Joe Biden is not doing a thing to ease the stress because of the gas shortage. He does not have a clue of how to proceed with solving the problem. He is a man that has a hard enough time trying to figure out what he just said five minutes prior.