Biden’s Most Important First Task to Fight COVID? Rename “Operation Warp Speed” to Make Sure Americans Forget Who to Thank for the Vaccine

Of all the important jobs that Biden has to do over the next few years, he has decided to focus on some of the least crucial. One of his first orders of business, when he arrives at the White House, is to change the name of Operation Warp Speed. He wants to wipe that name away, in hopes of taking away any credit that the previous administration may have received.

It’s very petty but it was expected by most of us. The Biden team is going to do everything in their power to make sure that any contribution Trump made is completely forgotten before too long. Biden’s team is also hoping that the name change would inspire a greater level of confidence in the vaccines.

If we are being frank, this is all about Trump’s legacy. This is one of the initiatives that he can truly hang his hat on. Biden is looking to take that away from him entirely. A vaccine has never been developed this quickly. The manufacturing and distribution aspects were also handled at a rate of speed that no one has ever seen before.

How are they going to justify the name change? Biden is claiming that the manufacturing and development were just fine but they are having issues with the distribution aspect. The implication here is easy enough to understand. They believe that a name change will work wonders when it comes to assuaging fears about a potentially inferior vaccine.

It’s another way to throw subtle shade at Trump and it’s not necessary during this moment in time. If there are any concerns about how effective the vaccine may or may not be, they have been advanced by Biden and Harris themselves. Pretending that the skepticism is purely fueled by Trump is a terrible thing to do and a flat out lie.

Biden, Harris, and other prominent Democrats have made it clear that they do not believe in the effectiveness of the vaccine. Now, they want to pivot and make that skepticism someone else’s fault. That’s what the Democrats do. They leave a trail of destruction in their wake and then they are ready to pass the buck as soon as things aren’t going their way.

Instead of praising the efforts of the hardworking scientists who brought the vaccine to fruition, they would rather stomp around like a couple of anti-vaccination types. Everyone remembers how they behaved before they took office and there is no denying it now. Thanks to their antics, countless public officials have received their vaccinations on camera.

Biden is also promising 100 million shots within the first 100 days of his first term. This goal is probably a bit more ambitious than necessary but at least there is a certain level of nobility to it. He probably would have been more successful if he hadn’t spent so much time denigrating the vaccine beforehand, though. The New York Times spoke to Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki about the matter.

“OWS is the Trump team’s name for their program,” Ms. Psaki wrote on Twitter, using the program’s initials. “We are phasing in a new structure, which will have a different name than OWS. Many of the public servants will be essential to our response, but an urgent need to address failures of the Trump team approach to vaccine distribution.”

The announcement came as Operation Warp Speed faced new fury after indicating that more doses from a stockpile would be sent to states. But federal officials have since clarified that the doses are actually from a tranche saved for second doses.

Ms. Psaki added that the Biden Covid response would be run out of the White House. Dr. Bechara Choucair, a former commissioner of Chicago’s health department, will “oversee vaccinations efforts,” Ms. Psaki said, including working to fulfill Mr. Biden’s promise of getting “100 million Covid vaccine shots into the arms of the American people” by his 100th day in office.

Biden claims that science is everything to him but from where we are sitting, it seems like these developments are only good when he can get the credit for them. Dr. David Kessler, former head of the Food and Drug Administration, is going to be working with Dr. Fauci to oversee the vaccination process going forward. These two were unable to put a definitive stop to the AIDS epidemic of the 90s, so this news is not quite the salve they would hope for.