Biden’s Longtime Personal Friend Calling For His Resignation

President Joe Biden’s former colleague and friend has called for him to be removed from office after the president’s dealing with the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. There is, of course, no shortage of critics for the way in which the Biden administration has treated the Middle East country and the removal of all American troops. However, what there hasn’t been a lot of are people in Biden’s camp who have turned on the current president.

While Biden has a long history of attempting to come across as some sort of friendly liaison between the harshly progressive and the more reasonable among us but that time has passed. Whatever passive or intermediary qualities that Biden was thought to have are no longer viable since taking office as the president of the United States.

Perhaps this was his true nature all along or perhaps he is being manipulated by those who are pulling the strings in his life. Either way, the result is the same and the sitting president has done what no Commander-in-Chief has ever done, and intentionally and willfully left Americans and American allies behind to their deaths at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The frustration, anger, and disgust swelling up in the hearts of Americans today can only be compared to the intense grief we felt when 9/11 was blaze so harshly on our hearts more than a decade ago. And that frustration has awoken a reminder from even Biden’s former close friends, that what he is doing is wrong of such gravity, it must break through the layers of social engagement to dig down to what is truly important.

In the case of the Afghanistan withdrawal and subsequent 13 killed, dozens more injured and hundreds left behind to fend for themselves, Americans have had enough of Biden, and none leading the charge is Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a former friend of the president’s who told CBS over the weekend that he believes the president should be removed from office according to The Daily Wire. Graham cited the botched withdrawal in Afghanistan as a move that has “set the conditions for another 9/11.”

“I think it’s a dereliction of duty to leave hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines, turn them into hostages, to abandon thousands of Afghans who fought honorably along our side, to create conditions for another 9/11 that are now through the roof,” the senator told “Face the Nation” host Ed O’Keefe, according to The Guardian.

While Graham and Biden have had a friendly relationship in the past, tension began to build over Graham’s support for Trump, despite statements like Graham from 2015 when he said “If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, then you got a problem. You need to do some self-evaluation. ’Cause what’s not to like?”

That worm appears to have turned as Graham told CBS that he believes Congress should impeach Biden.

“Whose decision was it to pull all the troops out? Was it good advice, ignored? I just don’t know,” Graham questioned Biden’s decision-making during the interview. “I think he should be facing a lot of consequences here, because the one thing he wanted to do, and he’s a decent man, it’s not about him being a decent man, is he wanted to end the war in Afghanistan and make sure we didn’t have to deal with it in the future. He’s done the exact opposite. General Biden’s fingerprints are all over this,” Graham said.

“He’s created the conditions for ISIS to flourish in Afghanistan … The likelihood of an attack on our homeland is through the roof. It was medium a month ago. It’s got to be high as hell right now,” Graham said going on to explain that Biden didn’t end a war, he did the “exact opposite” and for the next 20 years, Americans will be dealing with what he has done in the last weeks.