Biden’s Like Bread — He’ll Expire if Left Out for Too Long

The Biden campaign is treating Joe Biden as though he’s a fresh-baked loaf of bread. If he’s left out too long, he’ll simply expire. While Trump is hitting the campaign trail harder than ever, Biden has gone back into hiding.

Does the Democratic Party think that it’s okay for a president to hide away? If Biden were to win the election, he’d have to come out of his basement. He’d have to move into the White House and he’d have to be active on a day-to-day basis. If he can’t even handle the vigor of the election process, how is he going to handle being president?

It’s two weeks before Election Day and Joe Biden is nowhere to be found. That wouldn’t be so bad if there was a good reason for it, but there isn’t. Even Kamala Harris has gone into hiding because she is trying to stay safe from the pandemic. They’re both hiding – from the pandemic, the press, and anything else that could prevent them from getting the desired results in the polls.

Joe Biden isn’t a well man. The campaign has hinted at the notion that the campaign trail is simply too much for him for a while now. But, if he can’t handle giving a few speeches a week and hitting a different city every night, there’s no way that he can handle being the president. And this is just the reality. If he’s not up to it, we need to know now.

But, there’s another reason that he’s in hiding. With the news break of Hunter Biden’s email on a laptop, it’s proof that Joe Biden lied. He met with Ukrainians that were doing business with his son while he held the position of Vice President. He knew what his son was doing and he allowed it to happen.

The press is breathing down the campaign’s neck to find out what he has to say about it – and they don’t want to hear him calling it a “hoax” as he has said in passing. The press is demanding answers – and Biden simply wants to avoid the topic because that’s easier.

Oh, and there’s also the position on packing the Supreme Court. There have been more than a few hints that the idea would be to bump the number from nine to 11 or 13. That way, he’d be responsible for choosing two or four more justices – and the Dems would have the Supreme Court in their pocket. No surprise there, Biden doesn’t want to talk about his position.

The problem with all of this is that it’s not acceptable to hide. Just because you don’t like the questions and because you’re tired and your mind is frail, you don’t get to hide in your basement until the election is over. Biden needs to prove to people that he’s capable of doing the job as president – and he has yet to prove this.

It’s why the Democrats are using the “vote blue no matter who” and “It’s about the party, not the candidate.” They don’t like Biden, either. But, they don’t really have a choice about it at this point. They just know that they don’t want to vote for Trump to keep him in office for four more years. So, they’ll settle for Biden not because he’s an amazing candidate but because he’s got the “right” party affiliation.

That’s all that Joe Biden has to offer. He’s a Democrat. He’s not even bothering with the campaign trail at this point. He’ll hide because that’s what he does best. He’ll hide his failing mental capacity, he’ll hide from the press, and he’ll hide from the pandemic.

This is what a vote for Joe Biden means – hiding from the truth. He’ll be the weakest president that the United States has ever seen – and that’s assuming that the Democratic Party allows him to be the president he thinks he can be.