Biden’s Lame Inauguration: What to Expect

Joe Biden is heading to the White House whether we like it or not. Typically, Inauguration Day is met with celebrations, live bands, and more. However, that’s not going to be the case for Biden – and it’s because of the pandemic.

Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, has already laid out some of the ways that Inauguration Day will be different in 2021. As the nation prepares to welcome the oldest president ever to be inaugurated, the celebrations are going to be considerably less than in years past.

As more people have to head indoors due to the cold winter temperatures, it’s anticipated that there will be a surge of infections. What does this mean? The Inauguration Day celebrations will be bleak. He’ll be celebrated while others suffer.

The virtual Democratic National Convention will be used as a model for the event that is scheduled for January 20. House and Senate leadership has already been contacted for their input.

Klein makes it sound as though there’s no choice. “I think it’s going to definitely have to be changed.” Well, obviously.

There’s no way to safely have the inauguration festivities outside because of the cold temperatures experienced. Will that stop people from gathering as a way to celebrate Biden? No. That would be up to DC’s mayor to put a stop to things – and the Democrat is known for allowing things that are a no-go if they were to support Trump. Since it will be to celebrate a fellow Democrat, she’ll turn a blind eye and allow the gatherings.

Super spreader? Absolutely. But if it’s to celebrate Biden, it will be allowed. And if there’s a surge of COVID-19 cases within the weeks following Inauguration Day, it will somehow be blamed on Trump as he leaves the White House.

Data from John Hopkins University shows that there are more new cases every day across the United States – and over 1,000 people are dying daily. The reality is that any kind of in-person celebration should be canceled.

However, they point to the Trump White House to show that there have been plenty of indoor events. Yes, though indoor parties and rallies were being hosted at a time when the pandemic was considerably less of a threat than it is right now.

Klain has very different plans for how to celebrate Biden. Klain was one of the advisors in the Obama administration responsible for dealing with the 2014 Ebola outbreak. As such, he plans to take an inauguration approach similar to the cautious way that Kamala Harris campaigned throughout the year.

Much of the Inauguration will be done virtually. The White House’s goal is to honor some of the more important and symbolic meanings of the ceremony without taking the chance of spreading the virus even further.

Klain has acknowledged that people want to celebrate, and his goal is to find a way to do it safely.

It’s safe to say that Joe Biden isn’t going to get the Inauguration Day that past presidents have gotten – and perhaps that speaks louder than words. While it’s possible that he could do it up even bigger if he were to be re-elected in 2024, we all know that’s not going to happen. He’s a one-term president, and he’s all but said as much himself.

When Biden is in his 80s, he’ll want to be retired. He’s having mental issues now, and four years of stress from being president isn’t going to help that.

January 20 is right around the corner. As it appears that more of the Inauguration Day events are going to be virtual, it means that the whole country can be a part of the moment. It can be just like parties at the Oscars. Some people will be celebrating with glasses of champagne while others will be throwing popcorn at their TVs to mourn that there’s a Democratic president coming into power.