Biden’s Diversity Includes Passing Legislation Without GOP Support

The lies continue to roll in. Joe Biden told America that his administration would be the most diverse. He talked about reaching across the aisle to welcome Republicans along with Democrats into his cabinet. He talked about adding diversity in every possible way.

Now, the Biden administration is working to redefine the word ‘bipartisan.’

Bipartisan involves leaving out Republicans, apparently.

This is 2021, and Biden has decided that if a definition doesn’t work for him, he’ll simply redefine it. He better have Webster’s Dictionary on speed-dial because they’ll need to keep up with all of these changes.

Biden pushes his relief bills through Congress without a single Republican vote in the House or Senate. Then, he has the nerve to proclaim that it was a “bipartisan” victory.

How is this bipartisan if the only ones who were in favor of the bill were Democrats?

Although the Democrats may have the majority throughout Congress, Republicans still have a voice. And if they fail to have a voice in a particular bill that is passed, it is most certainly not a bipartisan victory.

However, it sounds better if Biden calls it that. After all, saying, “Hey, look! I got a bill passed without letting the Republicans have their say” just sounds selfish and wrong. That, and it would hurt his approval rating. So, he’d rather lie to Americans hoping that no one will realize what’s going on.

The first time that Biden referred to a bill as receiving bipartisan support was for the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill. He believed that all Americans were in favor of offering relief to the public. Only, it wasn’t just to provide relief. And, now that many people have received their stimulus, they are not working – it’s been an excuse to take months off at the expense of the government.

If only someone could have warned Congress that would happen. Oh, wait, the Republicans did…

Now, it’s about to happen again with the multi-trill dollar infrastructure plan. Not only has Biden redefined the meaning of infrastructure to include amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, but he’s also about to get it passed through Congress without Republican support again. He’ll pass whatever he wants because he’s using the Democrat majority in his favor.

And, yet again, the bill is worth trillions because it seems that the Biden administration doesn’t know how to work in any other denomination.

Anita Dunn, a Senior Biden Adviser recently told the Washington Post that if you look up ‘bipartisan’ in the dictionary, it says support from Republicans and Democrats but “it doesn’t say the Republicans have to be in Congress.” Well, so much for the current representatives in Congress, then.

Republicans in and out of Congress are noticing that Biden is pushing legislation that is extremely one-sided. By using ‘bipartisan’ they think that they can get a free pass. They’ll just make the assumption that somewhere in American there is a Republican that is saying, “Hey, what a great idea!” Only, there isn’t anyone saying such a thing because the bills being passed are expensive, include a lot of liberal trash inside of them, and are destroying the democracy of the country by changing everything that we hold near and dear to us.

Senator Mitt Romney has even come forward to criticize Biden’s redefinition of the word. As Romney said, “A Senate evenly split between both parties and a bare Democratic House majority are hardly a mandate to ‘go it alone.’” He believes that Biden should be living up to the bipartisanship that was preached during his inaugural address.

Biden has proven that he’s a liar. Everything he has said has turned out to be a lie. Whether he’s doing it intentionally or his dementia has set in has yet to be decided.

Biden may have promised bipartisanship but he didn’t mean it based on the widely accepted definitions. When he decides to change the rules, he changes the definitions, too. That ensures that he’s not a liar, right?