Biden’s Day One Exec Actions Reversed All of Trumps’ Immigration Policies…It’s Just What Democrat’s Do

Donald Trump did what no other president in America dared to even attempt. Rather than heed the Lady in the Harbor’s advice, he told the huddled masses to stay home, or if already here illegally, to get their hind-ends back from whence they came.

On June 19, 1885, when the Statue of Liberty arrived from France at New York Harbor’s Bledsoe Island, life in America was a tad bit different. The country was still expanding and was in dire need of both skilled workers and common laborers, and nobody cared who they were or where they came from.

When Trump took office in 2016, a mere 131 years after the statue’s arrival, he knew the mess we had gotten ourselves into by still thinking this way. And, he was more than aware of how a big chunk of America’s immigrants were no longer following the established protocols of yesterday. They were strolling in undetected. Easy-Peasy.

This of course included a cast of questionable characters such as the darlings of MS-13, fugitives from justice, child predators, drug smugglers, and on rare occasions, someone who was in danger and was legitimately fleeing their country. But the ‘legits’ weren’t coming nearly as often as one might think.

To the tune of harsh criticism, the former president manned up and did what needed to be done. He clamped down on immigration, and he clamped down hard. But Trump is no longer president. Joe Biden is.

On day one, Biden signed seventeen executive orders, five of which had to do with immigration. With the strokes of five highly-prized souvenir pens and his famous polished denture’s smile, Biden singlehandedly reversed every immigration policy Trump had enacted, catapulting the land of the free back to square one. Welcome back to 1885.

In a nutshell, here is what our delirious president just did. He put a halt to anything having to do with the border wall, but we knew that was coming. He then extended a gracious invitation to foreign terrorists by letting them know they could now safely return. As a show of good faith, he lifted the Muslim country travel ban. What’s the tallest building in America these days?

A great number of illegal immigrants were brought to America as young children. But many of them were born at American taxpayer expense right here in the good old U.S. of A. as the spawns of illegal immigrant parents.

Though the largest majority of these “Dreamers” have had multitudes of years to properly attain US citizenship, they haven’t bothered, and why should they? Life’s good and things could always be worse. Well. Trump tried to stop this nonsense, and he even tried rounding some of them up, but he and Joe are of a different mindset.

Biden just assured these tax-looting DACA recipients that gramps has their backs. America is their oyster. “Stay as long as you want.” “Have more kids.” “Call your kinfolk.” This is pretty much what he said when he took action on fortifying their protection.

ICE simply had to be scaled down. Joe didn’t tell them to start firing people, yet, but he did put the skids on hiring. This, despite recent news showing more huge caravans of who knows who heading this way now that Trump is no longer an obstacle. Go figure…

The Biden administration is so keen on the idea of immigrants being essential to America’s economy, and in their playing a major role in our countries cherished diversity, they’re now going to be counted in our census. Just like real Americans but without all the bother.

The fact of how Biden’s day one executive action was largely focused on reversing the immigration policies of the Trump administration says everything. It sends a clear message to this ungrateful liberal nation of what we can only look forward to more of.

Now the question remains of how America is going to support these new tsunamis of hungry and homeless immigrants. But there’s a simple answer. You raise taxes, silly. It’s just what Democrats do. Every. Stinking. Time.

By the way, has anyone noticed how the price per gallon for gasoline has already gone up? Some say it’s an OPEC thing, but we know better. Once again. It’s just what Democrats do.