Biden’s Big Oops Moment Causes Him Shame as He is Forced to Tell Migrants to Stop Coming

Joe Biden does not have the faintest clue as to what he is doing in office or in life. The insane mess he made at the border with his frivolous immigration policy removal scheme opened the border up to a flood of criminals and smugglers. He declared that the borders would be open, and people could flow on across once he sat down in the Oval Office rocking chair.

But now that he realizes that the presidency is not a honeymoon suite, he is recanting his ways and admitting that his open border idea was the stupidest thing he has done yet. The most significant part of the migrants are kids that smugglers and parents are pushing over the border.

Biden’s first attempt to handle the issue was to cram kids into shipping containers. And now he is telling people to stop coming. These illegals will never listen to authority. They are concerned only about what they can get out people for themselves. If they can pressure Biden to let them in, then they have gotten what they wanted, and they would no longer need the liberals.

Biden was interviewed by good old George Stephanopoulos and asked what he needed to do in order to get the migrants from coming over the border. Biden stated that all he had to tell them was, “Don’t leave your town or city or community.”

So far, his words have fallen on deaf ears. They are not going to listen to him because they do not care. All they want to do is infiltrate and pillage the country until the day they die.

In classic Democratic fashion, Biden has also tried to blame his monstrosity on Donald Trump’s mistake. He stated that “First of all, there was a surge in the last two years. In ’19 and ’20, there was a surge, as well.” He failed to mention that Trump kicked the caravans away from the border and put a stop to their migration patterns for the rest of his term.

He can’t bring himself to admit that he screwed up. The golden boy has turned out to be a flop, and no one wants to work with a failure. Biden’s immigration efforts have done nothing but make a terrible situation worse as he blindly works on issues that he is not qualified to work with. The puppet has turned into a stringless mess.

The number of illegals pressing against the border is at all-time highs. The reason for the surge is that Biden stuck his hand out on high and gave his newly found friends the handshake of welcome to a people that have no right to invade the country.

Donald Trump faced similar threats, but he was able to keep them from coming over the border with several regulations he put in place. Biden made decisions based on emotion and pride and removed those rules. And that was the handshake that illegals needed to see before they could start moving north again.

The sad part about what Biden has done is how many little kids are moving independently. The illegal hoards first tried to fake their way across, claiming that they were families, but that did not fool anyone but the Democrats. Now they are trying to use their kids as pawns and bait to lure out the border guards.

Hundreds of kids per day are being rounded up and put into Biden’s shipping crate prison. He currently has no plan in place to deal with them, so it seems that they will be there a long time. And, of course, Biden has made no provision for them to be checked for the coronavirus, but thanks to the border agents, the kids are being kept safe.

Kids are not to be held for longer than 72 hours, according to federal law. But Biden has already broken the law and has been held for days longer than what is allowed. Biden should have already been brought before Congress to testify his crimes, but they have looked the other way so far.