Unhinged: UMass Professor Calls Trump a Nazi Then Attacks Student Defending the President (VIDEO)

As an Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts, at the University of Massachusetts, Ester Shapiro has made quite the name for herself. She’s rather unhinged, to say the least. She was recently caught on video making some outlandish claims about the current president. Shapiro referred to him as a child molester and a Nazi.

One of her students even had the audacity to disagree with her remarks. Of course, the liberals don’t do well when they are forced to actually explain their ridiculous commentary. The professor was not willing to budge during this incident, which took place during an online class in late September. The student who was treated poorly is speaking out about the confrontation.

“I am very disgusted and very hurt by this action and I believe that college students deserve better and we need education reform in this country,” says Mary. The student also says that she has filed a complaint about the matter with the dean of the school. At the moment, the dean has yet to offer any sort of reply.

If you would like to find out more about what the professor had to say at this event, there are two videos included. All of the liberals’ greatest hits are there. Shapiro was sure to break out the timeless classic about how the whole nation was built on a foundation of white supremacy. She even claims that it is baked into the Constitution directly, much like a pie.

Anyone who is able to make it through the white supremacy bits is going to be treated to a bunch of whining about the Amy Coney Barrett appointment. Shapiro doesn’t practice what she preaches, though. This is sure to come as no surprise to anyone who spends time around liberals on a regular basis.

The casual anti-Semitism in this video is off the charts. “I don’t often go to Jewish focused events,” Shapiro freely admits. These are the same folks who take it upon themselves to lecture everyone else. That’s why their unwanted messages tend to fall on deaf ears. No one wants to be preached to by someone who does not even want to follow the rules of their own sermon.

That should be obvious enough to anyone but clearly, the leftists in this country still need some sort of refresher course. Even the brave servicemen and women who protect this country were not safe from the Shapiro harangue. They are considered Nazis in her book, too. They work for a Nazi and this is all very normal discussion.

In fact, Shapiro is not ready to stop there. Anyone who is a Republican is also a Nazi. She says this with such conviction. Meanwhile, liberals are out here getting into fistfights with anyone that they do not agree with. Do any of them ever want to address this or are they going to continue to blame all of the nation’s issues on the right-wing? From the looks of it, they seem content with the latter option.

If you would like to see Mary’s defense of President Trump, you’ll want to head to the 5:45 mark. “I don’t think Donald Trump is a Nazi,” she said. Shapiro did not have the ability to explain herself and Mary was forced to be quiet. When you don’t agree with the leftists, all they know how to do is turn up the volume even louder. These types of folks should not be teaching our nation’s children.

They are already subjected to too many agendas on an everyday basis. These videos are proof of the filth that leftists dole out to anyone who will listen. Sadly, our nation’s students are the ones who are being subjected to it. We hope that the dean of this university is willing to hear Mary out, as well as any other students who found themselves offended by Professor Shapiro’s series of insane remarks.