Biden Under Investigation For Child Abuse…

Joe Biden is getting whipped upon by state Republican governors because of the flagrant disregard for basic human needs. The president’s lack of immigration policies is leading to a flood of human rights violations. His attention on himself and erasing Donald Trump from history is setting him up to the American version of Hitler in humanity’s history.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has had it with Biden’s lack of leadership and pointless policies. Once the border protective measures were released, Biden turned a deaf ear to the millions of people that were having their livelihood destroyed by the felons and gang members pouring over the border.

And this is where Abbott comes to the rescue.

The media will not report on the atrocities that are happening at the border, so someone has to tell the truth. The lazy president put up a federal facility in San Antonio to housing illegal aliens. These illegals are small kids with no family with them, and Biden is mistreating them with how he is caring for them.

Governor Abbott is tired of the abuse that he is seeing in Texas.

He believes that primary human care is essential no matter where a person is from. Abbott was given information about Biden’s prison, and it states that at the Freeman Coliseum, 1,370 kids are being abused and neglected. And in many cases, there is sexual abuse taking place.

Joe Biden would be directly responsible for what happens in the facility because he set it up and failed to provide the staff needed to keep those kids safe. The state’s Department of Health and Human Services is receiving calls, as is the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, about the abuse.

At that point, the agencies are not able to intervene because the center is a federal housing project. But that does not mean that the state cannot do something about it. This is where Senators, House members, and the governor come into the picture. They are the ones that will have to force Biden’s hand.

The immigration nightmare is happening to the most innocent of minds. These kids are not being fed well, they are being abused sexually, sick kids are being housed with healthy kids, and the list only grows from that point.

Abbott pointed out that Biden set up the facility and let it turn into a horror show. He is directly responsible for the abuse happening to these kids. And with all of that weighing down on Biden, the governor is demanding an investigation into Biden and his immigration policies.

The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers are being mobilized to tear into Biden. Everything happening to these kids is because of Biden, and he will have to answer for his abusive crimes.

Biden promoted his queen to border czar a few weeks ago. But Kamala Harris decided she needed to fly north and take a bakery vacation on taxpayer money. The ice queen was supposed to fly south for the winter and deal with the emergency building up.

So far, the Biden administration has done absolutely nothing about their immigration mess. They have tried to blame it all on Donald Trump, but he has nothing to do with Biden’s terror squad’s abusive actions.

The only thing Biden has stated on the issue is that kids are welcome. He told the world to send the youth, and he will abuse them and put them in cages. He loved the idea of placing them in boxcars as the Nazis did to people before killing people in concentration camps.

Kamala Harris’s lunch break is over. Should she fail at her task, she stands to lose more than political popularity. She should stand to lose her freedom as an American and be sent to federal prison with Biden as her cellmate for the abuse they allow at the southern border.

The border needs to be shut down until effective immigration policies are in place. Biden needs to resume building the wall that Donald Trump started. But he will never act responsibly because he is too prideful to call himself an American.