Biden Tries to Buy Oil from Enemy Nation As Prices Continue to Rise


Joe Biden has made his allegiance clear to the world. He supports the rise of evil dictators that have long been held back by people seeking to promote peace. Biden has made it his mission to cripple America and open the doors for other nations such as Russia, China and Iran to begin aggressive pressure to take what they want from those around them.

Donald Trump had put America where the country did not need to depend on Russian oil. The crazy Democrat made it his mission to make America dependent on foreign oil once he got into office. But now that Biden has changed everything, America sits vulnerable. And Biden’s only solution is to look for banned oil to supplement supply.

The dictator president could let American companies produce and drill domestic oil. But he is so determined to keep the country lockdown that he cannot bring himself to open the pipelines. His only recourse is to look south to the socialist country of Venezuela. Except for the country to the south, it sits under sanctions, making purchasing oil from them illegal.

Biden has sent his entourage south to meet with Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela. The goal is to pull them away from ties with the eastern powers. But their efforts are set to fail because of the evil that lies within Maduro’s heart.

Donald Trump had removed American presence from Venezuela because of the horrors that Maduro was creating. The American embassy was closed, and heavy sanctions were placed on their oil to get them to listen. Maduro is not even recognized as the actual president since Juan Guiado was seen as the true ruler of the country.

Maduro turned to the eastern nations that now stand against the United States for help. Russia has since moved Venezuela’s oil to market in complete defiance of the sanctions. Maduro did state that the oil was up for grabs for any nation willing to buy it. But Maduro is an evil dictator at the end of the day.

Just about every nation that was once afraid of the United States is getting bolder with making demands. Marudo is seeking to pressure Biden to the table so the tiny man can set the tone for talks that need to take place. Joe Biden has become the international puppet that people can abuse to get what they want from America.

The Republican Party is ticked off that Biden is even willing to buy oil for a nation that has repeatedly abused people. A Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio stated that “Joe Biden using #Russia as an excuse to do the deal they always wanted to do anyway with the #MaduroRegime. Rather than produce more American oil he wants to replace the oil we buy from one murderous dictator with oil from another murderous dictator.”

The old man wants to fund terrorism and socialism around the world. He wants to undo what other administrations have done to keep America safe from evil. And he secretly wants to cripple the greatness of America so the minor nations around the world can rise to power.

Jeanette Nunez is the Lieutenant Governor in Florida. She stated, “Rather than making America energy independent, Biden wants to buy oil from Maduro — yet another murderous thug. Troubling pattern from this administration as they continue to embolden our enemies.”

The nasty Democrats have a pattern of siding with the enemy. Biden and his administration want to keep the southern border open so illegals can continue to flood the countryside and put American lives at risk. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they wanted to release all American prisoners so they could be accessible during a viral invasion.

The solution to stopping the war and putting America back in a safe place economically is to let Domestic oil producers start drilling for oil again. America has always risen to the challenge in a time of war, and oil producers can alleviate the strain of higher gas prices.