Biden Shoves Hundreds of Thousands of Migrant Kids in Overcrowded Makeshift Shelters With No Legal Oversight Required

Liberals bet all of their chips on Joe Biden cleaning up the mess at our southern border. They counted on his grandfatherly-like compassion kicking into high gear. Instead, he’s stuck in neutral and leaking oil while our Border Patrol personnel are in crisis. What do you do with the thousands of new migrants surfing the tsunami to American soil daily? Especially when their mostly unaccompanied kids.

Here’s a thought. Let’s pack the kids like sardines into mass shelters while we work out the logistics of the problem. That’s what the Biden administration has been doing. There’s a network not widely recognized. The network consists of 200 tucked out-of-sight facilities where unaccompanied migrant children are being comfortably housed in prestigious surroundings. Now. Would you like to hear the truth?

Literally, tens of thousands of these children have been stuffed into 200 cleverly hidden open shelters containing over 1,000 kids in each. They are highly overcrowded making it impossible to render the type of care they should be receiving, and the already dire situation is only worsening while Biden smiles for the camera like he’s told to do.

The AP got their hands on some confidential data like only they are capable of doing, which reflects some disturbing numbers. In just the past two months the number of migrant children in Border Patrol custody has more than doubled what it was under Trump.

The endangered children range from teenagers all the way down to toddlers. Some of the previously established facilities such as the one at Ft. Bliss which currently houses 4,500 children, provide safe and adequate care. But these tent-like structures Biden is tossing up in the middle of nowhere are a disgrace to everything good and humane. Out of sight, out of mind.

“Southern Poverty Law Center attorney Luz Lopez said, “It’s almost like ‘Groundhog Day.” His reference was to the 1993 film starring Bill Murray where the same events keep happening over and over again. “Here we are back to a point almost where we started, where the government is using taxpayer money to build large holding facilities … for children instead of using that money to find ways to more quickly reunite children with their sponsors.”

Biden’s lackadaisical attitude concerning the southern border has led to no viable plan of action. It’s because of this that our country is back to square one, only worse. Migrants no longer have to take the dangerous steps of sneaking into the U.S., they simply walk in, heads held high. And if the ones who don’t feel like making such a long journey are sending their kids. What the heck. Fewer mouths to feed.

Some of the Border Patrol’s practices that were highly criticized by Biden when he ran for office are still in place. One of those was in not requiring caregivers to be fully investigated by the FBI. background checks. Biden railed over the same policy that is now okay in his book.

Hold on. It gets worse. Since Biden himself wouldn’t do it, his cronies devised a plan to start stashing migrant kids on military installations and in convention centers and stadiums. All of these facilities are unlicenced to handle medical emergencies. But because it’s the federal government’s ballgame certain state regulations that would have otherwise stopped them are being overlooked, even to the point of requiring no legal oversight.

If the situation continues as is, or is allowed to continue getting worse, may God help us. We’re running out of space to put these kids, and we must remember, regardless of their status as migrants, they are still children.

Many of them had no choice but to cross the border. They were either told to leave by their parents or in the case of small toddlers, someone was paid to cart them to the land of the free. Either way, they’re here. And either way, Biden isn’t doing squat to help. We sorta had it under control at one time, but that was before the Democrats stole the election.