Biden Seeks to Scrub Any Existence of Trump From White House

Joe Biden is like an Egyptian Pharaoh that hates the previous ruler so much that he is willing to erase any mention of them from history. Biden is a man that hates President Trump to the point that he is willing to keep the name of Trump from being spoken in the history books of America. It is his plan to undo what the president has worked so hard at doing to fix the country.

The Democrats see all Republicans as a plague on the country. It is Biden’s plan on day one to enlist the cleanup services of a hazmat team to sweep the White House and remove any trace of President Trump. His hatred for the man is seen in how he treats him in public and on camera.

Joe Biden has already ordered that 55,000 square feet of the White House be, as he puts it, “deep-cleaned” and “exorcised of any trace of Trump.” Biden sees the president as a demon inhabiting the White House and wants him expelled as soon as it can be done. He wants all the rooms to be disinfected before the illegal family sets up their camp.

The Biden family has already been told that “There is a five-hour window between presidents. That’s when 95 staff will have to pack up all the Trump possessions and move the Bidens in. They will clean or replace everything. The incoming president and first lady get to choose their new furniture from a secret warehouse.”

But for Biden to allude to the premise that President Trump is a demon and a virus that needs case out and disinfected is insulting. But that kind of rhetoric and verbiage is what people have come to expect from the crazy old man that cannot remember what decade it is.

Biden’s insane followers were all happy about the prospect of the notion of moving President Trump out of the White House. But that is all based on the idea that the legal challenges are still going to fail.

Hazmat suits indicate that there is a severe and deadly infection. For Biden to even acts, this way is an infection in itself. But of course, the liberals will hide their true feelings of hatred behind COVID-19 one more time.

Biden’s team stated that “Mr. Trump’s administration has been riddled with the coronavirus. The Bidens are taking no chances. The entire property will be deep-cleaned down to replacing doorknobs and taking down soft furnishings. The virus can linger on hard surfaces so the entire residence and executive offices will be wiped clean with disinfectant to exorcise any trace of Team Trump.”

President Trump proved to the world how easily COVID-19 can be beaten. Biden is not as strong of a man as Trump since he believes that the virus is still floating around the White House months after everyone got over the sickness.

Biden thinks that disinfecting everything will keep him safe, but the reality is that he will be at risk since he has come out of his basement prison. But like every Democrat, he will find a way to blame the Republican base should the virus find its way up Biden’s big nose.

Biden’s pandemic fears are only going to continue to tear a mighty nation apart. He has already flip-flopped on the idea of a mask mandate. He told everyone that he would not make it mandatory. But now he is saying that he will make it a mandatory way of life.

All his rules and regulations will be selfish based. Other selfish Democrats such as Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and crooked Cuomo already have rules for themselves to break. Biden will just add his name to a long list of liberals that think they are kings and queens in America.

The real infection in America is not COVID-19 or the Republican Party. The infection is all of the liberals that had a hand in rigging the election and lying to the world over the seriousness of COVID-19. That infection needs to be purged and never allowed to rear its ugly face again.