Biden Opens Up Floor to Questions…from a Preapproved List!

Introducing your next president, Mr. Joe Biden. Mr. Biden, do you have anything to say for yourself? Well, let me check my notes…

This is going to be the reality of the United States within a few short months if the Dems don’t open their eyes to what’s really happening. The Biden campaign is so scared of what Biden could say that they’re censoring everything around him.

Biden finally held a press conference on Tuesday – the first one in 28 days. Reporters were thrilled to get to ask him questions. Oh, the problem – only from a pre-approved list of reporters. That meant that he knew what the questions were going to be – and his campaign wouldn’t have to wonder what was going to come out of his mouth.

After the opening comments, he looked like a deer in headlights as he scanned the room. He said he’d be happy to take questions, and then said, “Let me get my list.”

At one point, he looked a bit frazzled and announced, “I’m supposed to call on people.”  Supposed to. That’s the most terrifying thing that he said. He’s a former VP and a candidate for president.

He’s not supposed to do anything during a press conference except randomly answer questions from the press. Most press conferences aren’t run by using a pre-approved list of reporters – otherwise, why were the other reporters even there?

So, the question that needs to be asked is, who told him he had to work from a pre-approved list and why was he okay with doing it?

Joe didn’t disappoint when it came to proving to everyone that he is most certainly NOT firing on all cylinders. He welcomed everyone out to the Kingswood Community Center. However, they were at the William “Hicks” Anderson Center.

The man doesn’t even know where he’s at – and he admitted it with, “I didn’t know where we were.” If he were on a campaign trail hitting a new venue every day, it would be easy to explain this away. However, this is literally the ONLY place he’s been except for his basement in Delaware.

As for the questions he asked, the reporters who were not on the pre-approved list have been heavily criticizing them. It’s hard to get anything to go on about Biden when the questions are the lamest ever.

Where do you think the race stands?

Why Delaware?

Are these even real questions? Why not ask him why he thinks he’ll be the most progressive president the U.S. has ever seen? Why not ask him what he thinks of the anarchist groups tearing apart the country? No.

Those are too hard of questions for the mentally incapacitated. Plus, there’s no telling what he’ll actually say, which could mean he’d lose votes.

He walked off the stage to applause – the applause of those reporters who were on the pre-approved list.

Meanwhile, he has said that he’ll be progressive. Yet, his version of progressive is different than what many believe. Biden and the rest of the Dems have proven what “progressive” looks like – everything from mandating masks to limiting freedom of speech to attacking the right to bear arms. If that’s progressive, it doesn’t sound very appealing.

The press conference didn’t touch on other important aspects, either – like who he’s going to choose as his VP. Time is running out. He promised that it would be announced soon – and most people believe it’s going to be Kamala Harris.

Yes, the same Kamala Harris who accused him of being racist just a few short months ago. Though, since, she has said that she didn’t believe he was racist and, then, added a “but” because of the U.S. Senators he kept friends with.

The press conference was an opportunity to learn more about Biden. Instead, we learned that Biden is being censored to the extreme – and yet people are still willing to put him in office.