Biden Now Claims Glock Is a “Weapon of War”

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President Biden has been confusing things for some time now. It’s a shocker he has yet to do something like calling a rock a phone or asking to get advice from someone long passed on in public. While it certainly seems likely to have happened in private, the mistakes in public can still be rather detrimental. Even if they are rare, people still catch them.

This past week Lashawn McNeil attacked two officers with a Glock 45 that had been outfitted with a drum style magazine. This increased the magazine capacity from the standard 10 to 40 rounds, making it a very heavy pistol. Considering he was behind a closed door and opened up blasting, he was able to wound one officer and kill another. McNeil was unable to legally possess a handgun due to prior convictions, and the magazine was illegal per NY laws.

When talking about the shooting the President said “You know, futures cut short by a man with a stolen Glock with 40 rounds…A magazine with 40 rounds. It’s really a weapon of war.” Unfortunately for Biden it really isn’t. The Glock is only popular in limited circles, and those special forces members would not bother with the drum. The weight, imbalance of the weapon, and stress it puts on the frame make using them a poor choice for those who know what they are doing.

For someone like McNeil who wants it as a sign of how tough they are, it’s perfect. Former NYPD cop and now private eye Bo Dietl spoke about the attack after. “Who carries this? A person who wants to kill a lot of people. We are lucky we don’t have three cops dead… This [type of firearm] is being carried by the criminal element looking to take out as many people as they can. Now the cops become the victims … There’s no reason for any individual to have this kind of power except to kill people.”

Unfortunately for the President and Dietl we have laws in this country. NY has said they agree with Dietl and see no need for this kind of high-capacity magazine. So the law didn’t work. It might have made it more difficult, but it didn’t prevent him from obtaining the magazine. His criminal past didn’t prevent him from obtaining the firearm in the first place either.

These two points right here should be enough for American politicians to understand a simple truth- those who seek to cause harm will do it. There is no law you can create that will prevent them from getting something they want. Violence will still happen even if we tried being like Japan and having a massive gun ban. The people who wake up and choose violence as a way of getting what they want don’t care about laws, they don’t care about regulations. They will find a way.

The people who want to protect themselves, oftentimes find themselves completely out of luck. There are no gun shops in NYC, and pistol permits do not exist. So that means either illegally owning a handgun, or giving up your right to bear arms. Why? Because criminals break the law, so this makes it easier to punish them. Except for the fact that NY has recently begun releasing people on an appearance ticket for nearly any charge. Thankfully McNeil did cross a line bad enough to remain locked up for now.

The thing these lawmakers don’t seem to understand is just how vulnerable the average American is when they push for harder gun laws. It isn’t the criminal who can’t possess a firearm legally who is harmed. It’s the guy on his way home from dinner who got robbed. It’s the woman who was raped walking home from grabbing drinks with the girls. Instead of trying to demonize firearms more, perhaps President Biden needs to look at demonizing the criminals.