Biden Needs to Get Real and Get Advice from NZ: COVID Zero is Being Abandoned

By Jacob Lund

Quick, everyone get vaccinated. Oh, and don’t forget those booster shots that haven’t been FDA approved for everyone yet.

If we were to listen to Biden and Dr. Fauci about everything, we would be led to believe that if everyone were to just do their part and get vaccinated, we would get rid of COVID entirely.

Except, that’s not true. Some people won’t get vaccinated because it’s a health risk. Some people won’t get vaccinated because it goes against their religious beliefs. And, then, there’s that pesky fact that vaccinated people can still get COVID.

COVID Zero is a nice idea, but it’s not a reality.

President Biden may want to start getting some advice from New Zealand. They’re in the middle of their umpteenth lockdown which has been going on for seven weeks. Why? They’ve been trying to achieve COVID Zero.

They thought that the best way to deal with the pandemic was to imprison everyone inside of their homes. That should make it go away, right? Wrong.

Do you hear that, Dr. Fauci? People were locked inside of their homes and, yet, COVID still existed.

Fauci wants us to believe that if we roll up our sleeves to get the jab and wear a mask everywhere we go, COVID will magically disappear.

New Zealand finally learned its lesson. This is where Biden and Fauci really need to listen carefully. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admits, “In fact, for this outbreak, it’s clear that long periods of heavy restrictions have not got us to zero cases.”

So, when Fauci wants to tell us whether we can gather or not for the holidays or that we have to cancel our travel plans, we must remember that COVID Zero is not possible. The facts are right under his nose, yet he still doesn’t want to admit that he’s wrong.

Why is there such a problem with the Biden administration accepting that COVID might always be around? It’s as if he wants to be able to use Draconian measures to keep us in lockdown and control our every move…

It’s crazy to think that any nation can believe that they can manage a microscopic virus to the point that it will go away entirely. There’s never going to be a celebration where COVID Zero is a thing. It’s a pipe dream. 

After all, look at how many diseases we have around the world. Some are better managed than others. We have eradicated many diseases in the U.S. but they still exist elsewhere because they don’t have the modern technology that we have. They don’t have access to medication like we do.

Measles, mumps, polio, the list goes on.

We need to let the country live and do its thing. COVID will rage on for a while. Then, natural immunity will kick in. Then, we’ll have oral pills that serve to cure the severe symptoms.

Vaccinate, don’t vaccinate…it’s never going to get us to a point where COVID doesn’t exist. New Zealand has finally learned this. Can someone please wake Biden up so that he can learn this, too?