Biden Just Cannot Seem To Nominate Anyone Worth Their Weight in Gold


Joe Biden will go down in American history as the man that betrayed a nation. He has denied freedom to people and turned his back on those that needed presidential help. But what is not widely known is that his secretary picks for various offices have been people with socialist and communist backgrounds. All of those that have been discovered have been expelled. But the worst part is that Biden keeps picking the worst of the litter.

The insanity of Biden has yet to be measured. One would think that he would look for less aggressive people than those of his previous nominees. The president’s more recent nominee is none other than Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is supposed to be the next Supreme Court Justice.

Jackson was chosen because Biden wanted to appease people that believe people of color are neglected and forgotten in America. He could care less about qualifications and the person’s background. All he wants to do is place his pick on the bench so his party can get more votes in upcoming elections.

The Republicans will have barbequing Jackson over the fire when it comes time to interview her. Jackson’s track record for honest decisions in the court is lacking. She has had several of her decisions overturned by higher courts because of how she ruled on them. The higher courts found that Jackson was more interested in political affiliation than giving a judgment based on law. They decided that she had overreached her authority and had no reason to rule in each of the cases the higher courts overturned.

Jonathan Turley is a law professor, and RedState found he had stated to Fox that “She has some opinions as a district court judge. They’re quite lengthy opinions. She has been reversed, and the D.C. Circuit [Court of Appeals] reversed her for basically judicial overreach in a couple of cases.”

In one case, Jackson ruled to expand a definition on deportation matters for the Department of Homeland Security. That decision was overturned because she had no business involving herself in such matters. And in another case, the D.C. Circuit Court ruled that she should have never sat over the case.

Turley also noted that “She’s only actually published a single decision as an appellate judge, and that came out in the last 24 hours. [This is] a win for unions against a change by federal agencies.”

Jackson is a political judgment that wants to rule in favor of Democratic items. She wants to do a job solely reserved for the legislative branch of the United States. What is not widely known is that the D.C. Circuit Court is liberal. And when they overturn several decisions that Jackson made, it only shows how far gone she is.

Biden wants to swing America in a different direction than the Constitution dictates. He wants to remove the current governmental setup and establish one of his own. But he cannot seem to edge enough of the Constitution out of the way to get what he wants.

The president has alluded to the point that Jackson is the standard of what a Supreme Court Justice should be like. Except he is nominating her based on the color of her skin instead of qualifications and a desire to rule constitutionally and not along party lines. But Biden needs a judge willing to break the law and give him what he wants as it relates to his radically charged agenda.