Biden Has to Take a Test to Prove He Is Fit to Be a President?

Joe Biden is a man that is being protected by his staff. He continues to make a clown of himself when he speaks and falls walking upstairs. He cannot remember basic facts and has a hard time remembering names. He has also admitted that his staff prepares the questions he can answer and tells which reporters can ask them.

The president’s incompetence is drawing attention to many leaders. And one of the leaders most concerned is Ronny Jackson. The Republican leader once served as a White House physician for Obama and Trump. He has noticed that Biden is exerting signs of mental failure that is highly concerning.

Jackson sent a letter demanding that a cognitive test be done on the man because his “mental decline and forgetfulness have become more apparent over the past eighteen months.” More than a dozen other leaders signed onto the letter demanding that Biden prove he can do the job of being a president.

The letter stated that Biden needs to follow the example set down by other presidents and prove his mental ability to do a job that requires a lot of mental focus. The letter noted that the American people have the right to know that their elected leaders are cognate enough to do the job.

The letter stated that “They deserve to know that he or she can perform the duties of Head of State and Commander in Chief. They deserve full transparency on the mental capabilities of their highest elected leader.”

To provide the transparency that the population deserves, Biden must submit to testing to prove his ability to do the job mentally. Jackson and the other concerned leaders noted in the letter several instances where the president failed to act responsibly.

The letter stated that “Previously, while on the campaign trail, you agreed to a similar assessment. At first, you ‘grew testy’ and questioned ‘why the hell would I take a test,’ according to an AP report. Later, you relented and said you were “very willing to let the American public judge my physical, mental – my physical, as well as my mental fitness and to, you know, to make a judgment about who I am.”

There is no doubt that Biden took great offense to the idea of taking a cognitive test. He angrily attacks the people who dare mention that he fails to provide the transparency that comes with being a president.

Joe Biden is exceptionally forgetful and forgets names and places just about as much as he trips up on the steps entering Air Force One. He tried to correct leaders at the G7 Summit only to find himself being the joke of the meetings. He made sounds that required him to be told to stay quiet by several leaders.

The Republicans are not the only people concerned with the well-being of Biden. Several Democrats have been quoted as saying that “there will be future situations where the president’s physical and mental state may create issues for us.”

Their concerns about Biden drove them to try and set up an independent commission to determine if a president was fit to be in office. But a commission of that nature could be used politically to remove a president when an opposing party wants to get rid of the person.

The choosing and placing of a mentally sick man were done on purpose by the Democratic Party. Nancy Pelosi wanted to set up the commission shortly after Biden got voted in as president. It appeared that the liberals intended to see that he would be removed when he fulfilled his purpose as a pawn.

Jackson has served as the White House physician for several years. He left that position to run for Texas’ 13th Congressional District. He would go on to win. And now that he is in a position to demand change, he will not let the Democrats continue to lie to the country about the health of Joe Biden. The president needs to do what is right and provide proof that he is mentally fit for a very demanding job.