Biden Feeling Very Lonely as Another Democratic Socialist Pulls Support

Creepy Joe Biden needs all the help that he can get. He needs every liberal Democrat to support him to even come close to the level of support that President Trump has right now.

But what appears to be happening is that his fellow snobs are pulling back their support and focusing on their own elections. This is a sign of the end for Biden. Candidates are focusing on themselves because they know that he is going to lose.

One socialist that Biden was hoping would endorse him was Rashida Tlaib. Her words of affirmation would have been soothing to old man Biden.

But when asked if she would ever endorse sleepy Biden, her response was an emphatic no. Her focus is on self-preservation knowing that the Democrats are failing all over the country.

Tlaib is a member of the freshmen squad that opposes freedom. Her views on the government and the way it should be run continuously to kill off her support.

But for right now she wants to have nothing to do with Biden or anything that he stands for. She is hoping that when he loses, she will still be around to be in politics.

Tlaib is about as far left as a person can be without crossing the line into dictatorship beliefs. She stands for socialism and taking things from people that they have worked hard to earn. Her goal is to take those things and give them to selfish lazy people.

Raunchy Tlaib loved Bernie Sanders when he was running for the nomination. And Sanders now supports Biden, which should mean Tlaib supports him, but she does not.

She knows blood is in the water and the sharks are circling. They only question left to answer is which Democrats will be left alive after November.

She has to get away from the losers. Biden is losing and the media’s fake news about him being ahead of Trump is faltering. She knows if she is to stand any chance of returning next year, then she will have to be selfish and focus on herself and the campaign she must try and save. She made a mess of things for her and she wants people to forget about her screwups.

Her avoidance of Biden is so she does not have to field questions about it is deserving of their votes. Biden’s track record is shaky at best. His involvement in illegal matters has scared him so badly that he cannot show his face in public. There is not a person that can say they honestly trust him.

The ignorant freshman has admitted that the Democrat’s goal is to get rid of President Trump at all costs. She believes that goal is not going to be affected if she does not endorse buffoon Biden. What she is showing is that her party is fractured because they do not trust each other.

Tlaib has a bigger problem to face on her home front in that no one believes she deserves another term in Congress. Her madness has divided the Democratic Party and people no longer trust her to get the job done. Her biggest claim to fame is that she oversaw the cleaning of congressional toilets for the past two years.

Tlaib faces a powerful opponent in the next election. Brenda Jones is a strong candidate that has a lot of supporters. The freshman better have her moving boxes with her come November because she is going home. Her anti-American passion has poisoned the country and will cost her big in a few months.

As a representative in the House, Tlaib should have focused on the people that voted for her. But she neglected them and now she will pay for it. Her actions in the House of booing people and using swear words towards the president is childish.

She embarrassed herself and her district. They now want her to come home and start going to daycare.

Tlaib wants people to look at her record of successes. But all people see is a blank sheet of paper. She wasted her time in the House by supporting the futile movement of unseating the president.

And now she will have sit on the sidelines and live with regrets of failure. No one cares who she supports because they are all going to lose their seats in a few months.