Biden Fails to Deliver on Yet Another Promise…Lawmakers Around the Country Have Teamed Up and They’re Out For Blood…

The question in every American household today, blue, red, or otherwise, is “What in the hell is Joe Biden doing?” Where are the results he bragged he would produce? The southern border is insane, inflation has blown the roof off of the country, and who can even afford to drive their car?

At first, Democrats blamed the downfall of virtually everything on the residual effects of Donald Trump’s four years of screwing things up. Biden was getting a bad rap. Those days are over and both parties finally agree. America’s reigning president is not fit for the office he holds.

Lawmakers all around the nation are screaming through bullhorns at Biden to live up to his promise of fixing the badly in need of extensive repair criminal justice system. While still on the campaign trail Biden lauded this issue as a top priority. He pointed his arthritic finger as he fervently repeated every word his handlers had prepared for him to read from a teleprompter.

Over 100 prosecutors, both current and former, have been joined by law enforcement and other federal officials to pressure Biden into being a man of his word. He had promised to assemble a specialized task force to evaluate the archaic way the legal system is handling prosecutions, convictions, prison sentences, and such, followed by detailed recommendations for improvements.

He further promised to look into standardizing the operations of day-to-day police activity and to see about overhauling America’s aged and overcrowded federal prisons. To date, he hasn’t done squat.

Former prosecutor Miriam Aroni Krinsky who is the executive director and founder of the legal system overhaul advocate group, Fair and Just Prosecution, said in a recent interview, “We haven’t seen a national focus on the work of local prosecutors, who were in many ways the driver of damage that has been done over the decades, but in many ways in recent years in isolated jurisdictions are the source of reform and inspiration.”

Krinsky’s organization has worked tirelessly to construct an in-depth report concerning how an investigative task force should be assembled, where the various members should be selected from, what they needed to be observant of, and how they should present their suggestions.

The report indicated the need to incentivize a suggestion program of sorts to encourage employees to offer up ideas. In short. The group did all of the hard work.

In all fairness, for appearance’s sake, the Biden administration hasn’t completely ignored the issue though it does appear to be setting on the low priority shelf. There have been meetings to address specific issues only, rising gun violence being one of them. They’ve also discussed states diverting their COVID-19 funds for police matters.

They’ve touched on prison reform and whether or not the death penalty is an appropriate punishment. Now. If they could just lump all of this together and get down to business, that would be great.

Perhaps the biggest display came when Attorney General Marrick Garlan hopped a ride to Chicago to have a face-to-face with a community group that was sick of the ongoing violence and nothing being done about it. He nodded on queue for the cameras, went back to D.C., and did absolutely nothing. Yeah, team.

Krinsky continued with, “For a president who has very much expressed support for reforming the criminal justice system and a rethinking of the type of tough on crime policies of the ’80s and ’90s, this is an opportunity to ride the wave of local innovation and pierce the black box of the local prosecutor’s office, to take the best of what is happening locally and implement it around the country.” But this is not what’s happening. Instead, windows of opportunity are being slammed shut by a lame-duck administration.

Nothing has been done by the administration to address policy changes, criminal justice reforms, or the role of prosecutors. Important highlighted issues such as eliminating bail, racial inequality, and not wasting time and money on minor infractions which can create over-incarceration and make criminals out of otherwise decent people, have fallen by the wayside.

Joe’s gotta go. His ‘do-nothingness’ disease is the real virus killing America and the only vaccine is a boot up his less than presidential ass.