Biden Faces International Accusations of Fraud

By Nick_ Raille_07/
By Nick_ Raille_07/

Joe Biden is finding out the hard way that his progressive spirit is alienating him from other leaders. The liberal left has made it a point to dismiss themselves from anyone who does not subscribe to their worldly and dangerous ideology. And that is where Nayib Bukele is the leader of El Salvador. Bukele and Biden have a shaky relationship because the Democrats stand for everything the Bukele is against.

Biden and a band of thugs want to make Bukele out to be the bad guy. He does not believe abortion is right, hates the liberal media, and his party controls the country, so they can fix a lot of the messes that liberals are making in his country.

The media and liberals would have everyone believe that he is a nasty dictator because he does not let women kill their children, does not support the media, and seeks to change his country’s makeup. But their lies and fake news stories are not even close to the truth. All he wants to do is make El Salvador great again.

The Democrats and Joe Biden hate when enlightened people make good choices for themselves and their country. The nasty poison that the liberals love to spread is cancer that destroys a country from the inside out. It allows them to put themselves in a position of power over the people as a dictator, which is not how America was founded.

Bukele is a man that inherited a country destroyed by liberal ideology. There was massive corruption running through all levels of society. The murder rate was the highest in the world. And their economy was in shambles. For all practical purposes, El Salvador was a picture of where America is headed under the reign of evil Biden.

The sad picture that Biden refuses to see is that he is leading the United States down a path that will put America in harm’s way of failure as a nation. And the shockwave and fallout will be felt around the world since so much of the world’s economy and financial centers hinge on the strength of America.

Bukele speaks his mind and is not afraid to back up his words with proof. But when the Biden regime was accused of secretly funding left-wing communists in his tiny country, it did not take long for the drama queens in the White House to take to social media and blast the accusations.

Bukele had posted that “US taxpayers should know that their government is using their money to fund communist movements against a democratic elected (and with a 90% approval rating) government in El Salvador. It’s not working though. The people of El Salvador won’t go back to that terrible past.”

Biden can condemn all the truth he wants, but the facts show his regime is trying to undermine freedom in El Salvador at the end of the day. Biden wants to set up communism in America, and he wants it installed once again in El Salvador. He cannot accept that the majority of the world’s population does not want to live through what he desires.

The link that Bukele showed is that the United States was demanding that a man named Neto Muyshondt be released. This man is full of corruption and paid gang members of drug agents to do his dirty work. And the part that everyone wants to know about is why old man Biden is interested in helping this man.

There was a time when America would have helped people such as Bukele against the evil lurking in the darkness. But the Democrats in America hold hands with felons and criminals all of the time. So, it seems natural that they will support the crime bosses in other nations.

Joe Biden and his socialist buddies have one thing in mind: to destroy everything right in the world. They have no problem hurting innocent people and killing unborn children. But there is one thing they always forget about, which has already happened in El Salvador, and that is the red wave sweeping through the country.