Biden Chose Who Got the Vaccine and Those That Would Be Denied

Joe Biden and his administration hold dear the terrors of racial division. It is something that they desire to unleash on the country as a whole. A divided country means he will have power at his disposal to force people to do as he commands. It means he can keep people off balance and get away with just about anything that his racial heart desires.

His desire is highly unconstitutional as it sets one color of people over another. America stands as a nation for all where people of all color can come and live free.

But when it came time to unite everyone under the American flag, Biden turned on specific people of color and favored others over them. His racial preference tried to keep the white man from receiving COVID-19 funds designated to all to help with their financial recovery.

But some would stand against his evil, divisive spirit and bring his illegal choices to light. Challenges in three states found judges telling Biden that his “governmentally imposed discrimination based on race” was incorrect.

Judges from Florida, Tennessee, and Wisconsin reached the same verdict and ruled that his policies were illegal against those discriminated against. And they were going to get their fair share of what was promised to them as Americans affected by a viral attack.

Marcia Howard is the U.S. District judge that stated, “Congress also must heed its obligation to do away with governmentally imposed discrimination based on race, it appears that in adopting Section 1005’s strict race-based debt relief remedy Congress moved with great speed to address the history of discrimination but did not move with great care.”

Congress adopted an attitude that once split a nation right before the Civil War had come home. Slavery once divided a nation to the point that brother would war against brother.

U.S. District Court Judge S. Thomas Anderson noted that Biden had rejected people based on their color and doomed them to live through the harm that the pandemic brought to their homes. Racial profiling would define those who would receive the help and those that would be excluded.

Biden violated the equal protection section of the law. Judge William Griesbach out of Wisconsin stated that “Aside from a summary of statistical disparities, defendants have no evidence of intentional discrimination by the USDA in the implementation of the recent agriculture subsidies and pandemic relief efforts, a loan-forgiveness program purportedly intended to provide economic relief to disadvantaged individuals without actually considering the financial circumstances of the applicant.”

Judge Griesbach went on to write that the government can develop programs that are not based on race. They can give priority to those denied before, but they could not racially profile them.

In complete arrogance, the Biden appointed Tom Vilsack would scream out that the people that filed the lawsuits were racist. He was so arrogant that he compared them to past generations of slave owners.

He stated in total hate that “White farmers have advantages, including more land and larger farms which have produced more crops and livestock over a longer, documented period of time. And because those farms are larger, better capitalized, and producing most of the crops and livestock, they get most of the USDA payments when payments are distributed. As a result, socially disadvantaged farmers continue to fall further and further behind.”

The courts have spoken and ruled that Biden is breaking the law. He purposely chose who would get the help they needed and turned away the others based on the color of their skin.

The United States of America is a nation of people of color. The actions of a few demonic men like Biden cannot define the nature of an entire nation. He has divided a nation after lying to the people that he wanted to unite everyone under one banner.

The courts have ruled, and he still defies the orders to stop racial profiling. His actions are actual impeachable offenses. His time is short as 2022 gets closer. It is a matter of time before the Republicans take over and make things right once again.