Biden Can’t Screw Up Afghan Retreat or It Will Be Vietnam All Over Again

President Biden is not the best when it comes to international relations. He’s not the best in a lot of areas. However, he needs to be very careful about how the retreat of our troops in Afghanistan is handled. Otherwise, we’ll be dealing with a Vietnam refugee tragedy all over again.

Many have identified that there are quite a few similarities between the Afghan War and the Vietnam war. Much of it has to do with the U.S. involving itself in a foreign war without understanding the objective.

What are we hoping to get out of it? What marks a victory so that we can effectively retreat? Without answers to these questions, it’s why we’ve been in Afghanistan for as long as we have.

The Afghan government has placed its faith in the U.S. They expect us to fight their battles and protect them. The same happened in Vietnam – and soldiers fell captive to communist soldiers once we left.

We cannot allow such a thing to happen simply because President Biden has decided that enough is enough. He wanted to do what Trump was not able to do – bring our soldiers home.

While it’s a noble cause, plenty of presidents far better than Biden have tried to do the same. The reason, however, that we remain, is to ensure that the Afghans are protected in a way that they cannot protect for themselves.

We have to learn from history. While the liberals are hell-bent on erasing so much of our history, we must use it as a way to learn. We cannot repeat the same mistakes. Otherwise, we could end up leaving thousands of Afghan civilians to be massacred.

When we left Vietnam, South Vietnam fell. We all knew it would happen. However, there were thousands who had relied on the U.S. They believed that we would help and protect them. And, yet, when we fled, they were either murdered or incarcerated.

We cannot betray an ally like that again.

We cannot simply pull our troops out of the country simply because President Biden set a date of September 11. We have to ensure that the Afghan army is capable of protecting itself. We have to ensure that the political climate is acceptable before we pull out entirely.

The problem is that Biden isn’t good at brokering peace. We’ve seen how things have escalated quickly between Israel and Palestine – and there’s nothing being done. Meanwhile, Israel has been a longtime ally of the U.S.

It’s as if Biden doesn’t know how to take sides anymore. And because of his indecisions, he’s weakened the U.S. and confused the rest of the country.

Right now, as we work to withdraw ourselves from Afghanistan, the Taliban are stepping up their acts of terrorism. They’re showing that their violence will only get worse once we leave. This means that we have an obligation. Otherwise, we not only leave Afghanistan stranded as we did Vietnam, but we also endanger the rest of the world as the Taliban chooses to rage on and show just how violent they can be.

Special immigrant visas are available to help bring many Afghans to the U.S. However, there’s a significant amount of red tape. There’s a backlog – and we need a better vetting process.

This is yet another reason why so many are frustrated by what’s become of the southern border of the U.S. Those in Central America are simply stealing their way into the U.S. and jumping the line for visas. Meanwhile, people fearing death in Afghanistan are made to wait years to get a visa.

We’re not helping our allies. We’re showing weakness. And if the Biden administration doesn’t learn to identify and support our allies with visas and military support, we’re doomed to let history repeat itself again. No one wants blood on their hands, yet the president seems ignorant to prevent it from happening.