Biden Calls Reporter S.O.B.; Like a Bad Date He Calls Afterwards To ‘Clear the Air

mark reinstein/
mark reinstein/

President Biden has been slipping deeper and deeper into senility for years. Yet somehow the American people trusted him to be President, and it’s been a debacle of epic proportions. From inflation to our horrific infrastructure, to getting Americans out of Afghanistan; everything he touches turns to a flaming pile. So, is it any wonder that now he’s being rude to reporters?

Peter Doocy serves as a Fox News correspondent to the White House and has for some time. Being from a more conservative network, people like President Biden and Press Secretary Jenn Psaki have been making him a bit of a target for their hatred and anger at the press as a whole. So, on Monday when Doocy asked the President about inflation being a political liability for the midterms everyone would take exception with this. The response was better than anyone could have anticipated.

It’s a great asset, more inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch,” said Biden with dripping sarcasm at the beginning. While comical that the President still understands sarcasm, the ending was over the top. Something that the White House would have spent 3 weeks doing damage control on for President Trump is being treated like no issue by this administration. It’s not right how slanted the rules have become against those of us with more than three brain cells.

To his credit, Doocy took the punch in stride and kept rolling. Fox News of course had him appear on “Hannity” that very night. There, he let the world know that Biden gave him the awkward phone call that usually follows a bad date where the other person is behaving exceptionally weirdly. “He called my cell phone. He said, ‘It’s nothing personal, pal.’ And we went back and forth, and we talked about, just kind of, moving forward. And I made sure to tell him that I’m always going to try to ask something different from what everybody else is asking. And he said, ‘You’ve got to!’”

Hannity pushed for Doocy about a real apology, but it appears that the President never offered one. This shouldn’t surprise anyone since he hasn’t apologized for much of anything ever. While it’s nice that Doocy appears to be accepting his abuse as well as the abuse from Psaki as the cost of doing business, it doesn’t mean the American people should.

We need a President who gives things at least a small thought before speaking. We need a President who isn’t be plagued by senior moments, or the memory of when he used to be a respected name. Biden is none of these things. We all know the utter distaste the press spoke to President Trump with. We know how President Bush was crucified in the media. Why have the Democrats been treated differently?

This horrific treatment of conservatives is not just limited to politicians or the media members from this side. It is the everyday citizen who is being mistreated because he prefers to think instead of blindly trusting the science, or because she refuses to believe abortion is ever the right decision.

As the media and the liberal elected officials continue to mistreat the American conservatives, they need to realize how little skin they have in the game. The conservatives will soon be running things, and they are more than happy to ensure the American people get what is best for the American people. Not what keeps them in office, or what makes their party stronger. With any luck, the insulting of Doocy will be enough for the American people to see how much he has fallen off.