Biden Blunders His Way Through G7 Summit and Gets Lost in Hotel Hallway…God Help Us

Joe Biden is shaking hands and grinning on his first European visit in his all-powerful capacity as president. But it’s his lack of mental capacity that’s causing a stir. His foolish blunders are proving to other world leaders what they already suspected. This man isn’t fit enough to run his own life much less be in control of the lives of the 330-million Americans he represents.

Trump was sharp as a tack and this is precisely why other world leaders walked on eggshells when dealing with him. They knew rocking the boat wouldn’t turn out so well, but in stark contrast, they have no fear of Biden who needs help tieing his shoes.

Biden’s first stop along his journey was at RAF Mildenhall in the United Kingdom to say hi to the American troops stationed there. His grand entrance wasn’t so grand. As he walked down the steps of the Marine helicopter that delivered him to the base, he was ruthlessly attacked. His security team was rendered helpless to assist with the unexpected ambush as the giant and well-armed cicada landed on his neck with all of the brutality it could muster.

Biden later told the crowd, “Watch out for the cicadas. It got me. I got one,” as he pointed to his purple-heart-worthy combat wound. Nothing can stop Super-Joe.

In all fairness, the episode, though hysterical, wasn’t his fault, but what happened next at the G7 summit most definitely was. As he addressed his constituents, Biden got confused and couldn’t differentiate between Syria and Libya. Not once, but three times he mixed the two of them up.

This was on the first day of the summit and it was overly obvious that Biden had received a stern talking to from his trained handlers when the event ended that evening. On day two when quizzed by reporters concerning the previous days’ repeated mistake he smiled and made light of it by telling them he better stick to his script from now on to keep from getting “in trouble.”

“I’m sorry, I’m going to get in trouble with staff if I don’t do this the right way,” Biden apologetically said.

On day three as Biden greeted Boris Johnson’s new bride with a bump of his elbow, it was absolutely no mistake that he was also trying to check under the hood by staring down the top of her dress. Old Joe got himself a peek as the cameras got a peek of him taking a peek.

Later that same day Biden got lost. He was confused and couldn’t remember where he was supposed to be until his wife Jill found him wandering around and led him to the meeting room. The other leaders laughed it up as if in good fun, but in actuality, it was of great concern to them.

Where Donald Trump led the way everywhere he went, Biden showed the world how he can’t fill his predecessors’ shoes. Throughout the entire event, he lagged behind the other leaders like a lost puppy dog. He didn’t lead anything. He followed. This is not what America does. Ever.

While Biden did say he was going to stick to his script, he couldn’t do it. His mind often wandered into La-La Land which made way for senseless rambling. He lost track while trying to answer a question and let go of a string of senseless and off-topic words. When he suddenly snapped back into his limited reality and realized what he had done, he jokingly laughed it off by saying, “I’m going to get in trouble for this one.”

Biden let go with a very strange not-of-this-world nervous laugh when a reporter asked him how he was going to handle “killer” Vladamir Putin when the two met. Other than everyone in the room being silenced by the paranormal experience, no verbal answer was given. His answer was a shrug of his shoulders. Looks like he’s going to wing it. God help America.

Let us bow our heads…