Biden Back to Messing with Finances and the End Result Will Not Be Good for Any American


Joe Biden destroys just about everything that he touches. His executive orders were supposed to have united the country and set America on a path to greatness. But the reality is that his orders have divided the country and put America on a path to destruction. The southern border is an absolute mess, and the way the international community views Biden is laughable. The old man is a disaster, just waiting to strike again.

The president is the sole reason why inflation is at all-time highs. His pandemic-related bills and destruction of the natural resource industry have led to high prices and even higher interest rates. Businesses have to adjust to make ends meet. They may have to charge more at the pump or counter to offset the high prices they are paying to acquire products to sell.

The federal reserve has already raised interest rates to help control the inflating prices. But their actions can only do so much to stop it from getting out of control.

Biden aims to take inflation as high as possible so the economy collapses. While at the same time acting like he is trying to get prices down for consumers. His latest battle is directed at the credit card companies who have raised the fees charged each time a card is used.

More people are turning to their credit cards to weather the financial storm Biden has put America in. The credit card companies are not going to let the lower fees eat away at their profits. So, they have taken it upon themselves to raise the fee to offset the increase in expenses they have to pay.

The Democrats noticed and are going after the credit card companies the same way they tried to go after big oil when the price per barrel of oil started to rise. The companies are not to blame for the higher prices. Biden’s terrible decision-making skills are to blame.

The idea that lower fees will make a difference is laughable in the grand scheme of things. But Dick Durbin sees it a different way. The old Democrat is demanding that new rules be passed to help lower the fees that people are paying to use their cards. The number of fees that people pay in a month is small compared to what they pay at the gas pump.

Durbin stated that “Americans are rightly worried about inflation and rising prices. What they may not know is that swipe fees contribute to this problem. When swipe fees on credit & debit cards go up, like they did just two weeks ago, it increases inflationary pressures-and consumers pay the price.”

The only reason Durbin or any other Democrat seems to care is that it is an election year. The Democrats are scrambling to find anything they can grab ahold of to show that they are indeed working for the people.

Durbin stated that “The credit and debit card systems are not competitive marketplaces. It’s a sweetheart deal for the dominant networks, for the biggest banks and for certain cardholders who have ritzy rewards programs, but the average small business and the consumer, they pay the price.”

The Democrats also want new rules to take control of the financial corporations. They know that if they can grab ahold of the credit card companies, they can control every person that carries a balance from one month to the next.

Durbin claims bipartisan support for forcing the companies to lower their fees. But the only reason the Democrats want to agree on lowering the fees is to save their seats in the upcoming election.

The Democrats do not care about the higher fees. All Joe Biden wants to do is meddle in private affairs to mess everything up. His ultimate goal is to over-regulate everything so that business is forced to close. And all of those workers would become dependent on Biden for their social handouts of food and medical care.