Biden Administration Seeks To Limit COVID Vaccination Exemptions by Monitoring Who Gets Them

Joe Biden is so close to a dictatorship he can almost taste his pitiful success. The deceitful president wants to force every American to get the vaccine whether they need it or not. It is no longer a matter of choice, according to the old man. It is a matter of everyone bending their will to his will and simply obeying and doing as they are told.

Biden and his Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, have devised a way to limit vaccine compliance exemptions so they can force more people to take a shot in the arm whether they want it or not. The drastic duo is planning to force many people to violate religious beliefs to boast of a high vaccination rate.

Murthy tried to tell the nation that the private sector has welcomed the forced mandate with open arms. His statement could not be further from the truth. Businesses hate the idea of forcing their employees to comply because it puts them in the position of enforcing something unconstitutional.

There is not a company around that would agree to the demands Biden and Murthy are enforcing. The only reason any company is working on the plan is, so they are not fined into bankruptcy.

Murthy sounded like a pathetic puppet when he said, “A lot of businesses are actually relieved that these are going into place. And we’ve heard a lot of feedback from the Business Roundtable and others that this will help create safer workplaces. This is what we’ve got to do to get to the next phase of this pandemic response so that we can get through this and get back to normal once and for all.” It is easy to get a positive response when Murthy surrounds himself with liberal business owners.

And to limit those seeking exemptions, Biden plans on using his secret police to monitor those applying for the exemption. Murthy claims that people will abuse the back door, so they do not have to comply. The Biden administration has taken over the approval process and will somehow be the ones to allow certain people to avoid the vaccine.

The only abuse taking place is coming from Biden. By the old president mandating who can get the religious exemption, he is flirting with separation of church and state issues. He does not have the right to dictate which person can use the exemption to protect their beliefs.

One media outlet tried to report that “Many large corporations already require COVID-19 vaccination to keep employees safe from the virus, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, offer exemptions to individuals with either a disability or ‘sincerely held’ religious belief that prevents them from getting the vaccine.”

Biden is flirting with disaster when it comes to regulating exemptions. The media outlet also showed that “No major religious denomination in the U.S. opposes vaccination outright. But an individual’s ‘sincerely held’ religious belief does not have to be part of an organized-religion mandate to be considered a valid reason for exemption from getting the vaccine.”

Biden’s divisive effort to protect the drugged from the undrugged is just another way to put Americans at odds with each other. He has taken it upon himself to protect one half of the country while at the same time attacking the other half. And when it comes right down to it, party lines will be his focus.

Over 80 million people will be subject to forced compliance unless something is done to shut down the evil dictator. Dozens of organizations and governors are already drafting their lawsuits when the time comes to fight the matter in court. Biden has overstepped his authority and has committed impeachable offenses by dictating what people are to do in America.

People all over the country are leaving their jobs because they would rather be jobless than submit to pointless mandates. Biden is a destroyer of freedom and a mother to chaos. He has left zero opportunity for people to choose what is suitable for their health. And Biden has no to take away the right to choose from any person.