Biden Admin to Review the Genocide of China’s Uighur Muslims to Make Sure It Isn’t Just Trump Propaganda

It’s no secret how the Communist Chinese Regime has enslaved and exploited the Uighur Muslim population residing within their mainland borders. It’s a travesty that would be beyond one’s imagination had it not been for Adolph Hitler’s previous dose of horrific reality.

The Uighurs are forced to work long hours producing items to be sold legitimately around the world, inclusive of the US. They live in squalor and are fed scraps when they can even get those. They are subjected to forced abortions and sterilization and they are severely punished, and sometimes executed, for the slightest infraction of the rules.

No other phrase can accurately define this abomination of humanity on behalf of the Chinese government then by referring to it as a “genocidal attempt.” Donald Trump saw it for what it was and he appropriately designated it as such.

Newly appointed U.N. ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, when asked about the Uigur situation during her confirmation hearing, wasn’t willing to admit what everyone in the room knew she was aware of. She refused to say whether or not the new administration views the Chinese as guilty.

Thomas-Greenfield brushed the question aside by saying that Biden’s new State Department was going to look into the matter. It was Marco Rubio who had initially poised the question and here is her say-nothing response.

“What they are doing there has been referred to as genocide. And I know that the State Department is reviewing that as we speak. What they are doing is horrific, and I look forward to seeing the results of the review that is being done.”

So instead of taking appropriate action on what is already known for certain, the Biden administration is reviewing all of the reviews that have already been reviewed while at the same time ordering new reviews. Got it?

Meanwhile, the Uighurs continue to needlessly suffer at the hands of the dragon while the Biden administration decides if perhaps the entire thing has been blown out of proportion. After all. It was Trump who designated it that way so who really knows the real story?

As a further head-scratcher, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who is slated to become Thomas-Greenfield’s big bossman, agrees with the genocide designation. Even the Biden campaign went with the word “genocide” in August 2020 when they condemned China. Were they just teasing their base of supporters? Dangling a carrot?

Mixed signals. Crossed wires. Call it what you will, but this is highly indicative of the Biden administration and there’s plenty more where this came from. The Biden team has yet to give even the slightest of an indication of where America currently stands with China on any issue.

But the old guy did it to himself. Vowing to be just as tough on China as Trump was, Biden went out hunting for some livewire China hawks to install in key positions.

Yet in an altogether different vow, Biden spoke of the importance of “cooperating” with the Commies. Since Biden can’t even decide what he really wants, how are his appointees expected to know what to do and/or say? “Are we tough on China or aren’t we?”

To be fair, Biden did say that any cooperation between the two nations should only pertain to matters of common interest. You know. Stuff like climate change, in which China is the worst offender of blowing pollutants in the known universe.

China’s extremely high air toxicity has been the known cause of numerous birth defects and it has spawned an incredible array of various cancers. The pandemic that China is ultimately responsible for is also on the list of common interests. So yeah, by all means, we should listen to everything they have to say.

In 2019 Thomas-Greenfield was hired to give a speech at the Confucius Institute which happens to be controlled by the Chinese government. In her speech, she lavished praises on the Chinese government for the amazing role they were playing in Africa.

Biden messed up. He thought she was a hawk who would spit nails at China so he tossed her in the UN to represent America. She’ll be sitting next to the same people who at one time paid her enough money to glorify them, and they still enjoy the privileges of having unlimited business expense accounts, so…

Back to the Uighur Muslim slaves living their meager and tortured existances where death is often a welcomed relief. Don’t hold your breath. Remember, it’s under review and these things can sometimes take a while

Not to worry though, in the meantime we’ll be cooperating with our monkey-eating friends in China, so all in all, everything should turn out fine.