Battle Lines Are Drawn as Pandemic Fear Trolls Look to Establish Themselves as World Leaders

America has turned into a battleground between the mask-loving fanatics and the freedom-loving Americans. The Democrats took what was supposed to be the key to beating the pandemic and turned it into a weapon to gain more power. They stuck a knife into the heart of the country, hoping to bleed it dry by creating fear.

Now that they have divided the country into halves they intent is to set themselves up as leaders determined to force every defiant American into taking the vaccine whether they need it or not.

The liberals are pushing at all levels to divide people further because they lust for power. The areas of the country that are already facing division, such as Oregon and other red counties wanting to break away from the liberal city areas, face tremendous obstacles because of the Democratic trolls pushing their poison.

They want to be the ones that control the health industry and dictate which people get quality care and those that are left to die in the streets. The favored few are content to live within the plastic bubble believing that being controlled by the big brother government is the best way to live. That is until they are pushed out because they are too old or do not meet up with the current barometer of acceptance.

One liberal report attacked people that did not want or need the vaccine by saying, “Anti-vaxxers don’t deserve coddling.” Charles McNulty is the reporter that mentioned that part of the headline. He maintains that people who do not want to get a shot will never be convinced.

People who do not want or need the vaccine have made their choices based on science and not on what is popular. McNulty would brand Americans as stupid people for not getting a shot. But his ignorance of science does not make him right.

McNulty believes that people should be forced to do what they do not want to do. As do other Democrats, he believes that people need to be “deprived of their basic rights.” Strip away their freedoms until they give in and do what their liberal masters tell them to do.

The dividing trolls want to control everyone through a carefully laid system of controls. People who play by the rules and do what they are told to do will access healthcare and good-paying socialist jobs. All those who want to exert their rights will be cut off and kept from getting their daily food rations in the long food lines. And within a matter of a few years, people will be beaten into submission.

The point of division comes down to the people who believe they need to obey corrupt Democrats to get the free stuff and those who believe personal possessions should be bought by the money earned from hard work.

The American dream is not a farce or something that sits on a golden platter waiting for the successive lazy liberal to come along and pick it up. The Democratic poison leads people to believe that they are entitled to certain things because they are alive.

Liberals believe healthcare should be accessible and education should be given away. But those that believe in freedom know that those things are not a right but rather a privilege to those that want to work hard and make their part of the American dream come true.

McNulty and others like him are what is tearing Americans apart. He stated that “Finally, and perhaps most important, if the goal is to increase the vaccination rate, then why not use every incentive structure available — sticks as well as carrots? You want to see an effervescent musical, then get a vaccine. Your reluctance isn’t just about how you manage personal risk. There’s a societal cost, which shouldn’t be so easily offloaded.”

The liberal belief that personal choice is not allowed is socialism at work. America was formed with the people in mind. The Founding Fathers knew that personal choice is what is at stake with freedom. And when it is taken away, people are no longer living free.