As Prince Andrew Admits to Pedophile Allegations, Now It’s His Brother Charles’s Turn

Mick Atkins/

British royalty can’t catch a break. Prince Andrew, in what could be considered an admission of guilt, has agreed to cough up a tanker load of cash to Virginia Roberts Giuffre who at age 17 was served to him naked on a silver platter by Jeffrey Epstein. In return, Giuffre won’t have his elitist princely tush tossed in the slammer. If Andrew’s actions weren’t enough to bring shame upon Britain’s royal family, his brother, Prince Charles, is now sweating more profusely than Guiffre said Andrew was when he was playing hide the weasel at her expense.  

An investigation has been launched by London police into rumors that people behind the scenes of one of Charles’s charities accepted money, or bribes, if you will, from a Saudi billionaire in exchange for helping him secure British citizenship without all the red tape.

But this wasn’t enough for the wealthy Saudi who donated $2 million to the charity on the condition that he also be knighted like Sir Lancelot and Sir Paul McCartney. And so he was. He bought himself royal British citizenship and lived happily ever after.

A long-time aide of Charles’s helped arrange the deal after convincing him that there would be no harm in giving the guy what he wanted. Who would it hurt? Who would even know? 

As the investigation gets underway, Clarence House, a spokesperson for Charles’ office, said the police will find absolutely no evidence to substantiate their claims. “The Prince of Wales had no knowledge of the alleged offer of honors or British citizenship on the basis of donation to his charities,” he said.

This was to be expected considering how Prince Andrew adamantly denied ever meeting Guiffree despite the widely disseminated photo of the two of them standing together in a bedroom doorway next to Ghislaine Maxwell. Must run in the family.

But evidence has already been found in the form of communication between the Saudi’s “fixers” who were working on his behalf to coordinate the efforts with the charity’s former chief executive who was still serving at the time.  

They were crafty in the way they pulled it off. None of this happened overnight. Payments were made to the charity between 2014 and 2018 to minimize unwanted attention. This is a firm indication that multiple people on the inside were involved or at least had knowledge. The chief executive behind the scheme conveniently resigned last year.

The charity, which was created to maintain an 18-century estate in the hills of Scotland that ordinary citizens don’t care about, is already backpaddling in case worse comes to worst. Or rather, when worse comes to worst, which they’re already anticipating it will.

A statement on its website claims, “The board of trustees is determined that lessons will be learned to ensure that, in future, our charity maintains the highest standards in all areas and always acts with integrity and probity.”

Similar to Prince Andrew’s very costly tongue-in-cheek admission of guilt, the statement from the board of trustees kinda says it all. Not one single word denies the allegation. They’ve simply promised to do better, you know, just in case…

There are but two possible scenarios. Period. Prince Charles is fully aware of every fragment of every detail that took place with the Saudi because he keeps a keen eye on the day-to-day activities and transactions of all of his various charities and foundations.

The second would be that he’s an inbred figurehead who’s less worthy of his royal status than a billionaire Saudi would be. 

You choose.