Army National Guard to Play Babysitter to Migrant Children

Those that have joined the Army National Guard did so with the expectation that they would be there to serve their country. They have trained hard through basic and through specialized training. They are mission-ready for anything that the state or federal government requires of them – including the mobilization of war and national emergencies.

Or, thanks to the mess that Biden created, babysitting.

In California, many members of the Army National Guard are preparing to become babysitters. Why? There are so many unaccompanied minor children entering the border that they need a place to go. And, since they’re children, someone will have to look after them.

Are members of the National Guard trained for this? Not even close.

It’s unlikely that a single member anticipated that diaper changing and storytelling would be some of their duties when joining the National Guard.

The federal government is anticipating housing unaccompanied migrant children at Camp Roberts, an Army National Guard base located in central California. The Pentagon recently approved the use of the base.

As of right now, it’s not clear how many migrant children will be housed on the base. There are simply too many entering the country – and instead of turning them away, the liberals are greeting them with open arms.

Notice that none of the liberal lawmakers are anywhere to be found at the borders, though. They like the idea of welcoming the migrant children but they don’t want the duties that come along with it all.

The children have to go somewhere – and since they are unaccompanied, there are no guardians to oversee their care. The US Department of Health and Human Services is, therefore, actively considering the use of the camp.

State and local authorities along with members of Congress will be notified once HHS makes the decision. Once an Emergency Influx Site is activated, it will also require immediate staffing – and that means that hundreds of California National Guard members will be activated.

No one’s going to want to receive that call.

What’s my mission, Sir? Babysitting migrant children.

Yeah…that’s not exactly the mission that anyone wants to leave their home and a full-time job to deal with.

In February alone, there were 9,000 children who were unaccompanied. They were processed by Border Patrol and handed off to Health and Human Services. Many are released to a sponsor – a parent or close relative. However, some have no sponsor.

And even though many of these kids have sponsors, the liberals still don’t understand what’s going on. If the migrant children have sponsors, why are they crossing on their own? Why are they being allowed to stay?

Either the parent has committed child abuse by deserting their child and letting them cross the border alone or the parent has entered the country illegally, too.

It’s all being allowed. The parents are being found because they are taking custody of their children. Rather than providing a reunion on this side of the border, it should be immediate deportation. Here’s your child, now it’s time for you to leave since both of you entered illegally.

That’s just crazy talk, though. The liberals want to make it easier for more families to be reunited. And if it means calling in the National Guard to play babysitter for a few months, they’ll be happy to do it.

Each and every unaccompanied minor is allowed to stay in the United States. Yikes.

Imagine what would happen if that law changed. The cartel might actually stop standing on the Mexican side of the river and stop tossing children into the raging waters only to be rescued by our border patrol.

This is all a sick game, and the kids are the pawns. Meanwhile, the liberals are changing the rules constantly to ensure that we invite as many migrants as possible into the country.

Meanwhile, the real losers are the National Guard members who have to babysit the migrants until mom or dad comes looking for their kids or manages to cross illegally, too.