Arizona Taking Steps To Move Forward and Avoiding Politics

Sean Pavone/

The issue of red tape is used to stop progress and force people into accepting the way things are currently set. But the American dream demands progress and change. Without it, no growth or prosperity can take place. Joe Biden and his sinful regime would love to stagnate the country and flood everything with so much red tape that nothing can move forward.

The state of Arizona has found a way to move forward and keep the red tape from liberal intervention down to a minimum. Doug Ducey is the governor of Arizona. And he has moved forward, signing an executive order that keeps agencies from making changes that will cost the state millions in pointless fees.

The new executive order extends the old order that makes the governor approve any agency changes. Any agency that makes changes costs the state several untold millions to implement the changes that each agency would want to make. And each agency that wants to change things must give up three regulations in its place.

Doug Ducey extended this order because they must erase three others from existence for all-new red tape issues agencies want to create. The order helps keep regulations current and fresh and keeps things moving forward.

The Democrats love to over-regulate things with rules. It gives them a sense of power, knowing that people must look to them for guidance and approval. It also lets them confuse projects and drown them out in red tape if they do not want them to continue.

Since the inception of the rule back in 2015, the state of Arizona has saved $170 million. Regulations that are left in place for long periods ultimately become outdated and can be used by liberals to enforce things they want to control. The Daily Wire noted that “In 2021 alone, for every new and necessary rule, 25 were repealed (not counting emergency regulations). 231 regulations were removed, saving approximately $11.6 million in operating costs.”

The waste that old regulations cost the economy is staggering. But this rule allows the untold millions to be used to invest in the state’s future. Democrats hate the idea of cutting costs by removing wasteful regulations. Their fear of losing control costs people countless millions every year. But the Republicans have the vision of using that money to make things better for people.

The simple rule has allowed the state to grow far above another state. The Daily Wire also reported that “Arizona’s job growth rate is expected to beat the nation’s by more than 3-to-1 over the next decade. The Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity estimates that Arizona’s employment will grow by 2.2 percent per year on average between 2020 and 2030, compared to 0.7 percent annually for the United States as a whole.”

People that want to build and grow for the future do not have to worry about over-regulation. They can proceed to know that the pathway to a bright future is free of liberal red tape. People struggling to get back on their feet will have a better time making it happen without the burden of old regulations.

The kind of rule that the governor has enacted is a first step in creating an environment friendly to the American dream. But to make sure future leaders cannot change the rule, the state legislature will need to pass a law that makes it permanent. Only then can the Democrats be kept from changing beneficial rules designed to help people.

The Democrats have an insane need to force people to depend on them for life. But America stands as a country that lets people live free and make choices to improve their lives. Governor Doug Ducey has found a way to extend a rule that will benefit every citizen living in Arizona. Other states can learn from their example and save millions in the process.