Apparently, the Whos from Whoville are Racist

The cancel culture has gone too far. It’s one thing to cancel something because it is morally wrong. It is even something if there is a true reason for it being canceled. After all, should something be truly racist and wretched, then it deserves to be canceled.

Dr. Suess, however, is not a racist author.

The Whos from Whoville are not real. The characters are fictitious. They enjoy singing and laughing and causing mischief.

The books of Dr. Seuss have been educating and entertaining for decades. They remain popular because they are based in the silly. With no basis in reality, it allows children and adults alike to enjoy the stories because there is no underlining theme of politics or racism or religion or any other topic.

Yet, Virginia schools have chosen to ban these books from their Read Across America program. The reasoning is for “strong racial undertones.”

Is it the Cat in the Hat that is the racist because he stirred up trouble with Thing 1 and Thing 2 or is it that Sam is the racist because he would not eat green eggs and ham?

To point the finger at Dr. Seuss books for containing racial undertones is absurd.

One of the reasons that the Read Across America program even exists is because of Dr. Seuss. The program runs during the week of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

Theodor Geisel, the real man behind Dr. Seuss, was famous for creating The Grinch, Horton hears a Who and countless other classics.

The Loudon school district of Virginia wants to find more “inclusive and diverse” books that are “reflective of our student community” explains their spokesperson Wayde B. Byard.

Is it possible that the school district wants to see racial undertones simply to bring in different authors? If they want to talk about inclusivity and diversity, they are clearly unfamiliar with the messages being sent through the words of Dr. Seuss.

Each one focuses on inclusivity and diversity. Horton and the Whos are all about diversity. The Grinch is the ultimate story of inclusivity.

The liberals have proven that they’re able to find racial undertones anywhere and everywhere. The cancel culture will come for everything at one point or another because it is what they do. They seek to suck the joy out of the world.

And why is it that Dr. Suess is the victim? Apparently, he has created racially insensitive cartoons in the past. Mind you, these cartoons are not the ones that are being shared during the Read Across America program. They’re not even appearing in elementary schools. Yet, this school in Virginia is prepared to rip a copy of Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Right from the hands of a second-grader if they dare to read such a racial book.

The whole thing proves that the liberals don’t even understand what racism is. They make false claims using words like “inclusive” and “diverse” to pretend as though they’re focused on the children. Instead, it’s all a ploy to get in deeper with the far left. It’s as if they work behind the scenes to try to one-up each other.

As the Virginia school district looks to find books that reflect their student community, they’ll be hard-pressed to find ones that are as inclusive as the ones created by Dr. Seuss. Now, granted, they may find books where the characters are human instead of a Lorax or a Sneetch. However, by choosing human characters, it will be harder to provide a reflective book that covers the entire community because of diversity.

The school district has proven that they just don’t get it. Meanwhile, other liberals that support the move to ban Dr. Seuss because Theodor Geisel created cartoons that were racially insensitive in the early 1920s don’t get it, either. Different times meant different standards. Now, kids are going to grow up without understanding that The Grinch brings people together…and Christmas movie marathons will never be the same.