AOC’s Making a Fortune Becoming a Liberal Influencer

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is great at pretending. She likes to pretend as though she’s in politics to help others. As the leader of “The Squad,” she likes to take the most liberal approach possible to everything. However, let’s not get fooled along the way.

AOC has made herself into a brand. She has a clothing line on her website that she uses to promote her campaigns. She even has an Instagram page with millions of followers. And she’s not always talking politics. Sometimes, she feels the need to get attention so badly that she’ll talk about skincare or her makeup regime with her followers.

There are politicians and then there’s AOC. She’s not so much a politician as she is a liberal influencer. She’s used social media and her brand to turn her into one of the most well-known politicians in America. And anyone who assumes that she’s going to disappear in a year or two is sadly mistaken. She’s making too much money to go away. She’s going to continue to wield her power and seek higher positions – which can include senator and even president.

Within her clothing line, she has a “Tax the Rich” theme going.

Does she not realize how ridiculous this is? It’s hard to promote taxing the rich when you are the rich. After all, she recently invested $1.4 million into her politically themed merchandise. Only the rich have that kind of money to invest.

She’s talking about taxing herself. She’s talking about taxing her friends. She is no longer just a bartender from the Bronx, struggling to make ends meet. She has done what she says can’t be done. She turned her life around and she’s making a lot of money because of it.

For anyone who wants to support the “Tax the Rich” and “Fight for our Future” merchandise found on AOC’s website, they better plan on paying a pretty penny. If she’s trying to tap into the low-income brackets with this merchandise, she really has lost sight of who she is and who the “average” American is that she’s representing.

T-shirts sell for $27 and sweatshirts sell for $58. These are pretty high-end for basic clothing that has three words and an “AOC” symbol printed on them. Most thrifty people, you know, the ones that AOC is supposedly working hard for, could make these for about $5 with a trip to Walmart and the use of someone’s Cricut.

According to the Federal Election Commission, AOC’s campaign was able to pay over $1.4 million to Financial Innovations, the political merchandise firm that has been helping her to promote her various slogans. As she sells the merchandise, it’s designed to help fundraise for her campaign.

It’s not just about campaigning and fundraising, though. All of the merchandise includes “AOC” on them. She’s got a massive influence online – and it’s unlike what any other politician has going for them. She’s doing videos on TikTok and even talking about her beauty routine with Vogue.

Since the elections in November, her campaign has raised approximately $6.9 million. That’s easy, though, when you have the bank account to fund more merchandise. Oh, and thanks to the high prices of the merch, she’s anticipating a 50% profit on it all.

It’s nice to see proof once in a while that AOC has lost full sight of the Americans she’s trying to help. She’s focused on being an influencer now, which means that she’s out of touch with reality. “Tax the rich” is particularly hilarious when she’s now talking about taxing herself and her BFFs.