AOC vs. Schumer Could Be a Fun Senate Race to Watch

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have just won her second term in the House of Representatives, but she’s expressed an interest in moving up the political ladder. She has thought about making the switch from House to Senate.

Based on where she’s at, she’d have to take the seat from Chuck Schumer, a fellow Democrat. Could she do it? Many question whether she could – and even if she could, would it be what the Democratic Party needs?

AOC and her Squad has been blamed for why there were so many House seats lost to the GOP. Should she decide to pack and head to the Senate, it could leave the Democrats even more vulnerable.

If AOC went head-to-head with Schumer for the Senate seat in New York, it would be an interesting race to watch.

Schumer has been a part of the political scene in New York for decades. He’s progressive enough to keep the liberals happy while being moderate enough to work with the other Democrats in the Senate. It’s one of the reasons why he’s the Senate Minority Leader.

AOC wants to shake things up, though. She’s as progressive as they come, and she’s heavily supported by the socialists across America. She has already shaken things up by unseating Joseph Crowley for the District 14 seat in the House – someone who had 10-terms under his belt.

Could she do it again if she were to challenge Schumer? Many political analysts say that it would be a significant loss for the young congresswoman.

For the longest time, AOC said that she didn’t know if she would be willing to take on that kind of challenge. However, she told Vanity Fair in October that she doesn’t know if she’ll ever stay in the House. She said that she doesn’t see herself staying where she’s at for the rest of her life.

At 31 years old, AOC is still four years away from being eligible to run for president. This means that the only other place for her to go to stay in politics would be to move from the House to the Senate.

AOC has also been vocal about needing new leadership. She can’t do anything about taking the lead away from Pelosi as Speaker of the House. However, she could ensure that someone else took over the Senate Minority Leader’s position if she were to unseat Schumer in a 2022 Senate run.

Everything about a race between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chuck Schumer would be a game of opposites. AOC is a 31-year-old with a background in bartending while Schumer is a 70-year-old with a Harvard law degree. She’s Latino while he’s Caucasian. She’s female while he’s male. She’s a progressive fireball who believes in socialism while he’s a moderate with the belief that capitalism keeps the country running.

Although AOC has not come right out to say that she is interested in running for the Senate seat, everything that she has said is pointing in that direction. She’ll need to make a decision soon. The election will happen in November of 2022, but the primaries will happen much sooner. Further, there will need to be a lot of campaigning to ensure that she can get enough support behind her.

While no one in the GOP is a fan of Chuck Schumer, particularly because of him being a close ally of Nancy Pelosi, he is moderate enough to deal with. Should AOC end up replacing him, it could lead to utter chaos in the Senate.

AOC doesn’t make a lot of friends in Congress. She calls out other Representatives, including those who are within her own party. She’s brash and she spends entirely too much time on Twitter lying to the American people about what’s really going on.

In the event that AOC does decide to throw her hat in the ring for the Senate seat, we can only hope that analysts will be right – that Chuck Schumer can triumph.