AOC Is Dealt a Stinging Defeat in NYC

According to mainstream media and her online presence, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is about the greatest thing since sliced bread. She’s young, passionate, easy on the eyes, and came up through the ranks the hard way. And since 2018, when she flew into Congress like a hurricane, she’s making waves, both on the right and left.

But it would seem that her incredible popularity isn’t precisely as stellar or as weighty as they’d like us all to think.

Case and point is this week’s recent Democratic primaries for AOC’s hometown of New York City and their mayoral election.

Now, to be clear, AOC herself was not in the running. Instead, she merely supported one super liberal candidate above all others. And that candidate didn’t win.

Enter Maya Wiley, former legal counsel for the soon-to-be-replaceable current mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio. As the New York Post recently pointed out, Wiley is a massive advocate for defunding the police even though she doesn’t have a problem with hiring a private security force to protect her own neighborhood.

But apparently, that kind of hypocrisy is precisely what AOC is looking for in a city leader. Per an early June endorsement of Wiley, NBC reported AOC to say that she “didn’t just come up to run for mayor but as experience and has a lifetime of dedication to this.”

However, it would seem that New York City disagrees. Or, at the very least, doesn’t care.

As of Wednesday morning, when unofficial voting counts came in, Wiley came in third place with nowhere even close to the amount of support needed to beat winner and former NYPD police Captain Eric Adams.

Now, as with any election, the loss, first and foremost, says a great deal about the candidate herself, or at least her campaign not being up to snuff. But seeing as one of her major supporters was a supposed big shot like AOC, it also speaks volumes about just what kind of pull the congresswoman actually has, or the lack thereof.

In fact, according to Fox News’ Edmond DeMarch and Ronn Blitzer, AOC couldn’t even get her own district, where she is supposed to be extremely popular and given near-royalty status, to vote for her favored mayoral candidate.

They wrote, “While Ocasio-Cortez remains wildly popular in her district, the mayoral race indicates that her influence may not extend far beyond that.”

As they explained, “Her congressional district is located in areas of the Bronx and Queens. According to a map of unofficial results from the first round of voting published by Gothamist, the Bronx overwhelmingly supported Adams, and while Wiley fared better in Queens her support was largely limited to the western part of the borough while the rest was mainly split among Admas, Garcia and Andrew Yang.”

Meanwhile, the most “law and order” candidate among the Democratic candidates and a man with a 22-year police career, Adams, won over the city in a near landslide. This not only speaks volumes about how much AOC didn’t impress anyone during the mayoral campaign trail but also just how much they aren’t listening to her constant squawking about defunding the police.

I mean, here we have a known liberal stronghold that has, in the last year, cut over a billion dollars from their police force, limited their actions, and practically vilified them above all else. And yet, for all intents and purposes, they just elected a former police officer and career cop as their mayor.

Now, that’s not to say that Adams has won the whole kit and caboodle yet. This was merely the Democratic primaries, meaning later in the year, he will have to face off with the winner of the Republican primary.

However, conservatives such as the GOP winner Curtis Sliwa rarely end up winning in a city as left-leaning as New York. Sliwa, who founded the civilian anti-crime group known as Guardian Angels and has been a longtime NYC activist, won his mayoral primarily easily.

But who knows, after far too many years with a near socialist such as de Blasio at the helm, New Yorkers may be ready for a significant change. Hell, even if they don’t elect a Republican, it appears AOC’s liberal voice in the city is going unnoticed.

Maybe she won’t end up in the Senate after all.